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How Did You Get Into Fishing

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  • How Did You Get Into Fishing

    How did you start fishing, was it because Dad or Grandad went, or was you influenced by a mate, or did you start up later in life.
    I started at around 7 or 8 nyears of age, fishing for anythinhg that would take a maggot ( mainly minnows and a odd perch) on the River Blythe at Coleshill. We used to cycle there from Birmingham most weekends from Easter through to September, to camp at a farm in Maxstoke Lane, The Blythe was our playground away from the farm, I learned to swim there and saw a few members of a fishing club from time to time, of course I wanted to have a go. Sadly my Dad did not fish nor any other member of the family so had no role model, to put me right, luckily my Dad was skilled at making things, and a rod was fashioned out of some telescopic aluminium tubing the reel i cant remember but guess that was home made too.
    Just at the bottom off the hill on Maxstoke Lane was The Cuttle a sort of weekend meeting place for day trippers, not that it had too many amenities, bar a wooden hut that sold pop and crisps etc maybe not even sweets they could have been still on ration. However it was free fishing and stuffed with minnows in summer, catching anything else was difficult, with many bathers a paddlers in the river, but hey I was fishing. On reaching the ripe old age of 11 and starting senior school new friends were made and it was time to take on the local parks, along with a new two part tank aerial rod, again fashioned by Dad, floats were often made out of birds feathers and corks, along with the good old standby a porcupine quill
    Lapworth on the train to fish the pounds was was an adventure, that a group of us would make in the school holidays. We were never ferried any where by Dads, most did not own one, car that is lol. We were out from morning till dusk no mobile phones in those days, come to think of it no-one had a phone in the house either but we were safe. Cant say we ever caught loads but it was fun,
    Sure some of you will have better tales to tell so lets here them.

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    Me Grandad would take to the Medway,set me up with a split cane 11ft rod and old centrepin,lots of Roach,gudgeon to catch,our regular Sunday haunt was a farm pond full of Cruican carp,great days.


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      Well very similar to Brian at about 8 or 9 I started going on the charra with the old man, but didn’t fish . He was in 3 clubs that I recall Sheldon Inn....Sheldon piscatorials and Sheldon British legion. I would go on most trips in summer. Then short time working came about at Rover must have been 60s.The old man used to sign on at Coleshill and that lead us down to the blythe but a bit further down the lane than Brian At a place called Dukes Bridge long walk but a place that was engraved into me still is .Then my neighbour started taking me with him most weekends we went all over BAA was incredible value (still is ) on the lugg in close season because you could use maggots and what we call eelling big worms and leger only. That was back in the day there was a glorious 16 whish we would go tenching canals lakes and odd river....October 1st seen us piking catching live baits from Hatton or Lapworth ready for next day at Earlswood Then it happened girls and beer and that slowed me down a little but didn’t stop me .Clubs were joined Sheldon Inn and piscatorials Blaskley ,Red hill Tavern. Distillers, Rover ,King of Bohimia ,Gas at solihull .When i think of all the people I have meet through angling i feel very privileged. Conclusion its not just about catching fish its about camaraderie ,banter, great british country side .
      words for oldies
      Seven licence …..gentles gut….waxed keepnets….thoughbred ground bait..
      Trent licence
      Wye licence
      Anglian licence
      Thames licence
      In darkness we do what we can
      In daylight we're oblivion


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        Pete Dukes bridge is where we used to swim, from memory there was a big flat rock just upstream from the bridge, sure at one time the fishing was rented by Sheldon Social that was around the late sixties, We used to camp about another mile or so further past the bridge. I went and had a look at the river a few years back, the levels had been altered, and was now only a foot or so deep, but looked like there were a good few fish about. I know what you mean about the walk done it many a time. I have many a fond memory of the pub clubs I was in, and the Wolseley Social Club matches with anything up to 140 fishing them, and of the friends I made through them. Iam glad that I never had a games console and had to get out to enjoy myself.