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Back on the banks?

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    Originally posted by hurricane View Post
    Anyone interested in the fishing open this saturday
    16 pound all in
    Social distance required
    3 prizes
    Inbox for more Info
    Just copied this from one of my local venue FB pages,,,, not just the Carp/cat anglers prepared to flout the rules,despite the fishery catagoricaly statin NO MATCHES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.....COVIDIOTS...I sometimes have to wonder how people can be so stupid.

    Unfortunately there was a post on FB with a guy complaining about a Nottinghamshire venue where he went to pleasure fish but could not get in as there was a match on. Bloody idiot owner thought it was ok not to take guidance as he has nothing to do with the Angling Trust. Our club has taken the decision to boycott the venue.


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      Originally posted by Charlie chub View Post

      Yep. One of the loonies was the Brother of Jeremy Corbyn, Lol
      Why were lots of them wearing masks ??
      Corbyn not there but all these protests have his Signature all over em


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        We will be holding open matches on Wednesday , Saturday , Sunday and bank holiday Monday all 9am draw and will be following strict social diarising rules , hope to see some of you soon.
        Yet another example of Covidiots,but this time its the fishery owners putting profits before safety or common sense.
        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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          The Angling Trust has been having talks with fishery owners and prominent match men regarding getting back to match fishing keeping social distance whilst fishing.
          Fishery owners definitely want a return to matches.
          The place where I fish (I'm not yet ready) but they had a policy of odd pegs one day then even the day after. They have now changed to fish any peg you chose, sticking to social distancing.
          I have an incidental on my left shoulder, he's always there, he's my friend.
          He says he gives me good advice. does he ?