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  • match fishing

    hi, i havent been fishing all that long however i would hopefully like to start match fishing now that i am getting some decent results. I probably wont enter a match until the summer though. I was wondering how to go about entering a match and which ones are best for newcomers. Is any fisheries you would reccomend entering a match at in the midlands area. However i only fish waggler and feeder at the moment, and this is probably a big disadvantage so therefore i would have to fish a fishery which suited his.

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    Dan, my advice would be to join a small club to start with - i.e. one that has a range of different matches on various waters, this will improve your fishing the quickest by letting you see a range of waters and tactics. Also it should mean you get to know a few anglers and then this helps you by chatting to them and watching them - admittedly this isnt the quickest way to start winning matches but it will be the quickest way to catching more fish and improving your angling ability.

    The best way to do this is call into a few local tackle shops and ask if they have details of match secretary's of local clubs then just give then a call.
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      Match fishing

      There are plenty of venues in the midlands area running "Open Matches" at weekends and mid-week. With open matches you need to book in to make sure they have enough pegs to accomodate the ammount of anglers that wish to fish. Phoning the venue or match organiser usually works, these matches are advertised in angling weekly,s with most giving all the details you need to book in and the whereabouts of the venue. Previous match results from most of the regular midland match venues are posted in the match results section of these angling publications, i find that the Angling Times is best. Reading these gives you a rough idea of winning weights, pegs, and tactics used on the match, although some match winners dont like to give too much away for fear of copycat competition, but most are as near as dammit to the truth on tactics and baits used. On arriving at a venue for a match you must seek the organiser who will take your name then ask you to pay the match fee, this is usually around £15, and includes peg fee and match pools. The match pools are totalled up then divided between the winners with the most going to the winner. Once everyone has registered, the draw takes place and you draw a peg, you usually have about an hour to get down to the peg and tackle up. The match usually lasts about 5 hours then you are weighed in.
      Packington Somers in Meriden has been throwing up some great weights using Waggler with Halibut pellet on the hook. Its a nice venue, easy to find, and there is loads of room in between pegs unlike many of the midlands other match venues. The matches are very well run and the payout is spread fairly across the frame with sections, there are bonus pegs too. As with any match fishing, regular visits to the same venues will produce better knowledge of the best pegs and tactics, so dont expect instant success unless you draw an absolute flyer and the fish are having a proper go on the day! Best of luck mate.


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        thanks for the replys, how does the weigh in work at the end of the fishing and are you expected to use your own keepnet?


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          Some fisheries insist that you bring two keepnets, this is usually in the warmer months to prevent damage to the retained fish. At the end of the match, you stop fishing and begin to pack away your gear, the scalesmen will get to you in turn and then weigh and record your weight. Once everyone has been weighed in the match organiser will work out who caught the most, second place third plce etc and award the prize monies to the winners.