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Snapped pole!

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  • Snapped pole!

    Hi people!

    Snapped my top section the other day, its actually section number 2 as dont use number 1.

    Its a Diawa Connisseur G8, am I best getting it repaired or being a new one? Its a nice clean break about 2 inches from bottom, no idea how it happened, got it out the tube and it was snapped!!!!!! Damned fairies!

    Also got a crack in 5th section but only tiny, am i best just getting some tape for this? If so is it a special type?

    Thanks in advance


  • #2
    hi bournie with the number 5 i would have it repaired
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    • #3
      get them both repaired mate i have the G8 brill pole send it to Scott at Eselles but make sure you pack it well or perhaps your local tackle shop may do a collection service


      • #4
        Eselles are on holiday until 5th August! GRrrrrrrrrrrrr

        Any others?


        • #5
          I wouldnt bother gettin the no.2 repaired,just use it as a meat punch.


          • #6
            Just telescope the number 2 it'll be fine, but get the crack in the 5 sorted definately.


            • #7
              no2 section is only £15.00 mate from ted carters


              • #8
                buy a new no.2 mate but get the no.5 repaired fast cause it will get bigger mate
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                • #9
                  Ok will be buying a new number 2, but any idea where i can get number 5 fixed? Was told Eselles but they are away till 5th August then will be really busy so could be a month!


                  • #10
                    try here m8 Dick Clegg's Internet Fishing Tackle Shop in barnsley
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                    • #11
                      Send the no.2 back to daiwa, they will most likely replace it.


                      • #12
                        hi mate did you get your pole done ? if not fosters of birmingham do a great job the guy at fosters has done the match lads poles for years.