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Pole floats & carp

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  • Pole floats & carp

    It seems that every time I hook (and on the odd occasion) land a nice carp, the eye on my pole floats are ripped out of the body!!
    I use Drennan Carp pole floats.
    Snags are not an issue as this seems to happen in open water aswell!!
    I've tried lowering the float rubbers on the stem but it seems to make no difference??
    If heaven doesn't allow fishing, I aint going !!

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    U need to get some preston dura floats or some hand mades which are made the same,but better.I use alot of MALMAN floats now,snake 4s in summer for all bottom fishing,and winter wire big fish in ,er the winter.the snake 4s i have had 250 lb of fish upto 3lb on 1 float,since i've been using them this year,and it still was almost like new,just the line had cut into the body very slightly,but as they are made of strong foam ,they won't take on water.


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      Hillbilly floats are also extremely tough - I recently had 281lb on one of his grizzly patterns and it wasn't even marked.

      If I'm using a standard type float in a swim where I expect it will take a bit of hammer I usually slide a 1 or 2 mm piece of float rubber down the rig and onto the bristle - this helps to take a lot of pressure off of the side eye.


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        I'm with Two-nets on this one, a piece of rubber tubing on the bristle works for me. Only diff, is I use a piece about 5mm.

        The inspiration behind the Maver C-Loc method feeder.


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          also try the tuff eye floats, think they are made by drennan i have never ever had one of these floats break on me