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foul hooking

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  • foul hooking

    can you help me boys. at my local match the fish tend to feed up the inside shelf about 6inch from the bank .the depth is only about 10inch deep. over the last few weeks iv been hair riging hard 8mm pellets and i have seen my weights go up. and i have now got into the prizes. my only concern is the amount of fowl hooked fish i have been getting. i feed a small amount of 6mm pellets at the start about a toss pot full then feed about 6 to 10 pellets every 5. mins i cant move away from the bank because the shelf drops off and they dont seem to feed to well down the shelf. with the fish between 2lb to 9 lb i dont feel i could come up in the water.if i slow down the feed thay move on i have been on .16 line to a pr36 size 16 and my float is a carp 6 .1g with hydro black. on a 3hr night match my last 2 weights have been 45lb8oz and this week 36lb but i feel if i could stop a lot off the fowl hooking my weight could go up. i loose about 6 fish a match to fowl hooking can you match men tell me how to stop this.

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    If you are fishing as close as 6" from the bank try fishing well overdepth, put in as close as usual then pull your float tight to the bank so your hookbait is pinned to the bottom with small shot.
    I had a similar problem with fish close to the bank, so ended up laying on and no more foulhooking.
    Take a look at the pics in an earlier post here - this could help.

    The inspiration behind the Maver C-Loc method feeder.


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      thanks mate i will give that a shot