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Kids and Fishing

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  • Kids and Fishing

    At what age would you start your kids fishing?

    Mine is 4 now and I want to start him fishing asap as the sooner he starts fishing, the more often I can go but at the same time I don't want to put him off for life! Should I wait till he's a bit older or do you think he's old enough to get hooked on it like I am?


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    my grandad took me at the age of 6 and i love it still i still get up at 3.30 in the morning to go so if your son truly loves it he should never frain away from it
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      If you can find a stetch of canal where he can catch on a 3mtr whip,take him for short sessions,dont fish yourself and as soon as he seems to get bored come away,its a cheap option but it needs to be a place where he will catch a few.Regards Peter
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        Mine's 4 too, and is also showing a healthlty interest- he'll stay with me all the time I'me talking to another angler without a single moan, simply because he's mesmerised and genuinely interested in wot's going on- I think that this is a great thing 4 kids, as it'll lead to a 'proper' hobby & mean that that'll be less likely 2 become playstation couch spuds.
        As 4 his angling prowess, I reckon that it'll be when he's about 6 at least b4 he'll be able to wield a rod properly, however, as any parent knows, they are sponges for information at the ages of 4-6, so any time spent with them showing them the ropes is not wasted!


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          take him and devote your time to his fishing, not yours.
          i look my kids when they were your kids age.
          my girl took to it like a duck to water.
          my lad fell asleep on the canal bank while we bagged up (me and my daughter)
          now 4 years later, he is still keen and my girl has moved on to girly things (mainly shopping and facebbook) she still remembers fishing and enjoying it.
          I will keep taking them my son as long as he wants to go.
          and will perservere with the daughter.
          It all takes time and effort, but if they like it GREAT, if they are not bothered, then no pressure.
          gently gently catchy monkey. as they say.


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            talkTalk is right mate take him but let him fish not you and teach him thats what i did with mine also remember at that age a couple of hours on the bank is sufficient for a 4yr old any longer and he might lose interest.Mine all still like fishing today although older ones 19 and 18 year olds are doing pub,clubs and partys, so they cant get up to go anymore but 14 year old still loves it,


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              Cheers, theres a couple a local canals full of small roach and perch I can take him to.

              Just got to wait for the rain to stop now!


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                Took my 2 lads for the first time about a month ago and they love it.
                (they are 13 & 11)
                Bought them all the basic gear (didn't wanna spend a fortune in case they lost interest) from Argos.
                Bought them a junior membership for a local angling club and we go a couple of evenings each week and also for a day at weekends, and they love every minute (they even have a little competition between themselves (which is funny to watch as they try to get one over on each other)
                They even want to get involved in the junior matchs at the club, but need to wait a while yet (maybe next season)
                When we arrive at the carpark they are on the way to the lake while I am still unloading my gear.........
                Kids!!!!!!!! youv'e gotta admire them
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