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what hooks do u use

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  • what hooks do u use

    what hook do u use wht make and model and eyed or spade
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    i prefer to use spade ends for the small fish i.e. roach, perch, rudd and bream then eyed hooks for barbel, carp and tench
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      Itend to use eyed hooks more and more as i often band/hair rig my baits nowadays. I really like the kamasan b911 in sizes 10,12,14 and 16. mainly using them most in a 16 for the pellet waggler and up in the water pole fishing when banding pellets.
      On the method when fishing for big carp i did use preston pr36's in a 12 or 14 but suffered two hooks straighten out on me during the last match i fished which has made me loose confidence in them I now use kamasan animals or fox series match 2's for' beast' fishing and paste.


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        A very good angler I know suggested I try Tubertini 808's - I'm no expert but first impression/use was very good - didn't have a brilliant day (there's a pettern developing here somewhere ) but at least l didn't lose any of the fish l did hook.


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          For hair rigging I use eyed Fox series 2 in size 20 or occassionally 18 for proper carp, Kamasan B911 eyed for F1s. For hooking baits like maggot, expanders or corn in the winter I use the B911 spade and for Worm or anything else I don't want to hair rig in the summer with heavy I use the Drennan Carp feeder barbless spade. Might switch to the eyed version or Fox extra strong as 1 of my knots slipped off last week!