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Pellet feeder advice?

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  • Pellet feeder advice?

    Am I correct in thinking that you use these in a simmilar way to method feeders?
    pack them with soft pellets, tuck your hookbait inside, and put another layer of soft pellets over the top?
    The feeders I have bought are the 'Guru' range and they look like an open end feeder but the top has half of it cut away to form a scoop??
    Have never used them before, but going to give it a go in a club match next weekend.
    My main approach will be the pellet waggler, but want to have a back up plan in case of weather conditions, draw, etc
    Also any recommendation on pellets would be welcome
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    I have been using the 2mm Sonubaits Fin Perfect pellets lately with success - either on a method feeder or pellet feeder.


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      it says saxa salt on buses pal everything is trial and error practice
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        I've never used the Guru pellet feeders but have used others.Half fill the feeder with feed pellets then place your hookbait inside and add more feed pellets,job done.Provided the pellets are dampened correctly and you dont pack them in to tightly you shouldn't have any probs.HTH's
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          mate i use the guru one's the other day i cant see why some places ban the method feeder but allow the pellet feeder its both the same?, anyway they am nice feeders i used the 2mm fin perfect feed pellets just soak them for 2 mins take them out the water start settin up they will be ready for when you start fishing mate
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