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bowood house

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  • bowood house

    Im coaching at bowood house this weekend and im really looking forward to it I dont care about the weather if it rains then it will means i get to fish more but if its nice then the people i get to teach will be in for a good sesion as like last year every person i teached had a bream over 4lb. So if anybody fancies a day out then come along it is a country fair so even if you want to bring the missus or girlfriend then there will be things for her to have a look around and maybe buy so bring lots of cash. It is a living heritage show so if you need directions go to there web site and it will be on there. Roll on the bream target this year 300lb easy

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    Forgot to say if you fancy a chat with four times world champ bob nudd then he will be there aswell to answer a few questions


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      hello mate, might be able to get over on sat . the wifes birthday. have been there before, the lake looks fantastic. the members are limited though arent they? hope you manage your target, do they do day tickets?? cheers mark
      :confused: WOW, things have changed.:confused:


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        Originally posted by mark(wilf) williams View Post
        hello mate, might be able to get over on sat . the wifes birthday. have been there before, the lake looks fantastic. the members are limited though arent they? hope you manage your target, do they do day tickets?? cheers mark
        Yes its sindeycut so you have to be apart of that to fish it which is a shame because its a amazing venue so no day tickets. Also apart of the sindeycut you can only fish one side of it. I did try to befriend the groundsman when i was there last year to see if i could get a day out by myself but no go


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          bowood is almost here and im really excited just hope my camper is ready or im going to be p***ed and the bream are feeding. Im off out to the bait shed to mix groundbait and get my stuff ready for tomorrow of even tonight if she will let me go tonight


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            see you there fella, weather looks good aswell. cheers
            :confused: WOW, things have changed.:confused:


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              Bowood House

              I have a copy of the application forms and have 'permission' to walk the lake on Sunday.

              The fees for the coarse syndicate are £180 a year (ouch) with membership limited to 50. Not surprisingly not all the options have been taken up so there are vacancies for this year and no waiting list for next year.

              The syndicate rules are strict - no day tickets, no partners or kids that are not themselves members. Fishing dawn 'til dusk. June to March, traditional dates.

              The map suggests that both sides of the lower part of the lake can be fished.

              I haven't been able to track down any members so can't tell you what the stock is or how it fishes. The site office seem pleasant but not particularly clued up.


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                hillarious!!!!!!!! watched the master bob nudd hook a 4lb bream first chuck, only for it to snap his elastic whilst he was trying to net it. even the best get it wrong. looked a busy day, lots of kids getting taught, and catching a few aswell. nice one..
                :confused: WOW, things have changed.:confused:


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                  great success for the kids

                  took a few pics while i was sat on the bank. as i said before , there were kids and adults queing up to be taught, and have a go. well done all involved. was not sure which one was coach poach, im sure he will let us know. regards mark
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                  :confused: WOW, things have changed.:confused:


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                    Those last two pictures were me coaching. We had some nice bream and tench all about 4-5 lb some were bigger and that bream that bob lost my girlfriend caught later on so on sunday went back to bob and said my girlfriends a better fisherwoman than you and gave him back his float he was dead chuffed and had a laugh about it. I had 20 bream and 6 tench on the saturday and i think we had over 100lb and on the sunday had 14 bream and 4 tench not as good as last year but still enjoyed it and ive been envited back to fish it by myself by the groundsman what a top guy so watch this space


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                      I caught one of Bob Nudd's sessions mid afternoon. That finished with a 7-8lb pike on a pellet.

                      Always a pity that events like this don't attract more retailers - I could get away with murder given the amount my family spend in craft tents and the like. It was the same at the Bath and West Show - 100,000 people and one tackle retailer, same one as at Bowood I think.


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                        Hi Coach, are you Angling Trust (NFA) qualified?
                        Ray 123 has just got level 1 and needs someone to take him on to level 2.
                        The Mahseer Trust visit us at
                        Working for one of the World's iconic fish species and the rivers they live in.

                        Thinking of visiting the Westcountry?
                        Check out:

                        Want to learn from Will Raison and Neil Machin?
                        log on to


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                          Yes I am steve ive been trying to help ray as best as i can but just been so busy lately what with the 6 week summer holidays on just flat out every weekend