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Im going fishing in the morning! :)

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  • Im going fishing in the morning! :)

    I havnt been fishing since last summer, and the last few days i felt like going fishing, the weather was much brighter and warm. Would of been nice to of been sat at a lake fishing catching a few.

    So me and Dad decided we are going to go somewhere local to us tomorrow. Walked round there for the first time today, never seen the place.

    So off we go tomorrow, see how it goes. Time to get out the gear out the back of the cuboard!

    A small report will follow tomorrow/Monday be it good or bad!
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    good luck gem hope you have a lot of fish, i am fishing in the morning to and it looks like a nice day, so lets hope we catch a lot ? all the best........


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      Was a great day thanks. I would say more but im abit peed off at the mo as i just spent 2+ hours typeing a report, sorting the pictures and i went to preview it all, and the whole post WENT!

      Dad tells me to write it all in Word first, but do i listen..... i will from now!

      Maybe theres a time limit on replying to posts

      Will do a shortened report later.....
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        Riverside Fishery (Maesycymmer, Mid Glam)
        Breezy with sunny spells
        Fished 12-4pm

        What a great day it was! First time I’ve been fishing since September and really enjoyed myself.

        After walking round yesterday we wasn’t expecting much in the way of fish, so our expectations wasn’t high. New it wouldn’t fish too well as its still basically the winter but we was going to give it a go anyway.

        We thought it would be really hard to catch, try anything for a bite, but it was the complete opposite!

        We took Pellet, Meat and Paste and caught a mixture of fish on all baits.

        Commons around 8/9lb, F1s about 2lb, bream to 3lb, roach ranging up to 6oz and little gudgeon.

        I fished where I was comfortable at 6/7mtrs. Dad chipped and changed lengths. We had about 5ft depth.

        We didn’t use keepnets but estimated our catch (dad is usually very spot on with weight guesses!). Dad had around 40lb of fish and I had about 25lb. Was really chuffed and we both enjoyed the day a lot.

        Wish we would of known about this place sooner as its only 11mins drive away! I think it would be an excellent place to fish on the summer evenings and cant wait to give it another go.

        The fishery has other Coarse and Trout lakes which are good sizes just lacks abit in features, although there is an island. Maybe its different in the summer we don’t know.

        We will definitely be visiting again, top facility’s (decent clean loo’s which is most important for me!), lodge which has restaurant/bar, nice owners and a nice fishery.

        Great day out and great company with my Dad

        Some pics that were took

        MY COMMON



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          And we went again today.

          Well following getting nagged by Gem nearly all week to re-visit Riverside after last weeks first trip, I said okay about 10pm on Friday to going back again today (Saturday).

          We had a few jobs to do in the morning so by the time we had finished those we arrived at the fishery about 1.15pm and after getting the day ticket and some hooks (finally found somewhere down here that stocks some thing I use).

          We decided to fish the opposite end of the same lake we fished last week so settled on the furthest end behind the island (about a 40yd feeder chuck).

          Here’s a view from my box

          Gem set up to my right toward the corner of the lake and settled for just 1 line on the pole at about 6mtr.

          As for me I set up to lines (same rig) with 1 line at about 8mtrs and a second line at 4mtrs as from 4mtrs to 14mtr there was no change in depth so as per normal comfort rule’s.

          We both feed a mix of expanders and Micros then started fishing about 2pm.

          On my third put in on 6mm expander (already missed 2 bites) I hit the bite and after a brief struggle the first fish of the day was in the net.

          First fish of the day to me a nice Common around 6lb

          And next put in saw the Bream below slip over the net (about 1½lb)

          So by 10 past 2. I was 2 up then Gem not wanting to fall to far behind finally hit a bite (she’d been missing them all)

          And here’s the result.

          Fish on Dad was heard with a tone that said “IT’S BIGGER THAN YOURS”

          And yes it was bigger going about 9lb

          That meant that for the first time I can remember Gem was actually beating me. :unsure:

          I then suffered with roach moving onto the feed and after about 5 or 6 I’d had enough so out went the paste which resulted in 4 quick bites and the four fish pictured below.

          All Gem was getting in that time was Gudgeon and Roach to both Meat and Pellet so I took a good lead and wiped the smug look off her face. :goodevil:

          My gloating (all in good spirit mind) was then in jeopardy as Gem hit a couple of Hybrid’s and smaller Commons going around the 2lb to 3lb mark each.

          Here’s Gem in Netting mode

          Followed by another Common this time a little smaller than her first at about 7lb (pictured below)

          I continued on the paste and had another Bream and 4 Hybrid’s before we called it a day at 5.30pm

          So after 3½ hours we had about 80lb of fish between us for yet another very enjoyable afternoon on the bank.

          And Gems really back into i'm glad to say.
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            Very nice days fishing - bet you wouldnt catch that much there today with the weather having turned! Makes a change from the warmer climbs you have come back from Gem!
            Simon Young
            Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
            web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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              Cracking report Malc. Nice to see Gem catching some fish.


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                you caught some really nice fish there hun. Well done. I can't wait to get back out there when the wramer weather comes.
                [I]fishing is for life
                not just for a few weeks