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gore tex coats and b anb b

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  • gore tex coats and b anb b

    has any one washed gortex clothing and do you have to treat it in enything after ?

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    gore/tex coats

    Hi I have washed my coat 5/6 times now and find the best way is ,verey little soap powder and rins out 2 times in clean water ,any detergent left in the coat will let the rain in


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      You can get the proper detergent and proofing stuff from Millets or Blacks. You need Nikwax Tech Wash to clean the goretex and Nikwax TX.Direct wash-in to proof it. I know people just wash the goretex in normal detergant but this stuff is what is recommended and it works.

      Don't forget to follow the instructions on the Nikwax and on the wash lable in the garments.


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        thanks alot..........


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          The nikwax tech wash is dissolved pure soap,so use pure soap flakes dissolved in hot water.


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            there is a 2 pack solution made just for waterproofing gortex coats ,its obtainable from all good outdoor shops its called NIKWAX , it cleans,revitalises breathabilty & water repellency (just got that off the pack). its used via a washing machine. im sure if you put NIXWAX in google search you will get all the relevant info!


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              I always just shove mine in the normal washing and it comes out fine.
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                Another tip (from goretex themselves) is to tumble dry it, it is good for the goretex apparently.


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                  thank guys i can now start smelling like a tart and not a carp.........