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Wasp nests

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  • Wasp nests

    Any body want any wasp nest, i know where this 6 ready for digging up at Haverholmepark lake

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    wasp nests

    No thanks mate, hate the little s.
    went to Docklow last year and they had about 4 nests there ,as soon as you sat down they were after you.couldn't relax or concentrate.


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      know the feeling mate thats wey i have killed the s,


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        Haha I got chased by a swarm of wasps the other week for disturbing a nest I didn't know was there... Pulling some grass out to line a slippy bank and got attacked ! Stung once on the wrist and was a bit swollen for a few days :s

        In saying that after they'd calmed down I sat about 3-4 meters away from the entrance for 4 hours and they didn't bother me, so people just need to leave them Bee