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  • Trent

    Hi fellas, do any of you have much success using the pole feeder?

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    Are you referring to its use on the trent, or generally? We do alot of it on the Avon, and I would imagine that the general principles don't change that much- what is it you need to know?


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      just wondering if people have much success using it, never seem to hear of anyone using it


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        We use it a lot on the Avon when there's water on, and it is a good method for catching quality fish. It works best with big bait like worms, and since we all started using it around 6 -7 years ago, we've started to catch fish from the river when the match would have previously been called off, i.e. when there's upto 3 ft on, 7 it proves that fish will feed in those conditions.
        We've also used it on the Wye around Belmont, Hereford, and it works for roach, but if there's Dace about they are a nightmare as the bites are impossible to hit. PM dave britton though 'cos he had 25lb of them next to me once, so there must be a way!!