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harbor fishing

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  • harbor fishing

    i was at barnouth looking at the harbor and it looked to me there were mullit on top i had my rod in the car but didint no if you can fish in the harbor cus iv never realy sea fished and it was a carp rod lol

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    what i was ment to ask is can u fish in a harbor lol


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      When I was a kid (a long time ago!) we used to fish in Folkstone harbour for the mullet with our coarse gear - fibre glass match rods, 3-4lb reel line. We caught them using bread on the float, fishing on the top and shallow. They are frustrating s to catch and good sport on coarse gear - crap to eat as they are full of little bones!

      As far as I know there are is nothing to prevent you from fishing in a harbour from suitable points - best ask the harbourmaster where is safe and suitable though. Good luck!


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        thats what i was thinking bread on top but i have herd they am frustrating to catch but i would still love to try


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          You shouldn't have any problems fishing in the harbour unless there are private moorings.Mullet can drive a man insane (i speak from experience) they will take every bit of bait you put in the water,EXCEPT the bit on your hook.Try float fishing starting at about 4 foot deep and keep altering the depth until you start getting bites.I had most of my success using a small waggler (3 or 4 bb) 6lb line,and hook size's 12,14,16.Use bread flake on the hook,and feed mashed bread.HTH's
          Whats a commercial fishery ?


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            tar mate going next saturday so hope ill get some
            WISH ME LOOK lol


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              you could also try a very tiny mepps spinner that been baited with worm,(rag) mullet will chase their food. bread seems to be the universal bait, but have caught on casters, maggot, seaweed, limpets, crab legs. devon mullet eat anything.. cheers.
              let us know how you got on..
              :confused: WOW, things have changed.:confused: