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Best way to get club bookings for my venue

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  • Best way to get club bookings for my venue

    Hi everyone,

    Some of you will know that in February this year I dug out my first lake. Its been stocked and more fish are going in this Autumn. I am now looking for clubs who want to book it from June next year onwards - what do you think is the best way forward, and the best way to get the clubs interested?

    By the way the venue is just north of Doncaster.
    Simon Young
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    Best way forward...

    Use the place/s we all have to use, your local tackle shops - ask if you can display an A4 poster or countertop flyers.

    If your fishery turns out to be a good venue, the word will get out and it will pretty much advertise it self.

    You do need to decide what you are going to do about who and when the lake/pool is used . What is going to be YOUR priority? [LIST][*]Do you want to run opens? (e.g. Saturday/mid-week opens, Sunday clubs)[*]Do you want pleasure anglers? (reseved pegs)[*]Rules and Useable Baits will impact on your patrons.

    All of this depends on size of your lake and the no. of pegs you have established.

    Whatever you decide, don't try to recoup your establishment outlay by fishing/booking the lake to death. Your fish and your pocket will suffer in the end.

    Don't rely on anglers feeding your will need to feed regularly throughout the summer months and keep a close eye on oxygen/quality issues, don't forget to lime your lake too.

    If you want more detailed advice, I'm sure that Chris Norton at Curborough Fishery (Lichfield) would be willing to have a chat with you, he's a really amicable chap. He has gone through all the trials, tribulations and joy of establishing a managable fishery and has become very knowledeable. 07890 333227 (....and you can blame me ).

    Hope that some of this helps, if you get it right-there is no greater reward!

    John Moore
    "Here fishy, fishy, fishy........"


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