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Tackle advice please

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  • Tackle advice please


    I have been left some fishing tackle, I don't fish myself so am unsure as to the selling price second hand please could anyone give me some idea of the selling price for the tackle below before I put in the classifieds all items are in good but used condition.

    Daiwa Meanstreak MESP125 12.5m pole
    Viper Process Stirling plus 8m pole
    Browning Syntech match tele canal 225 pole
    Daiwa No. 7300H reel
    Matrix telelanding net handle 3.2m

    The information above is on the actual items sorry if it is vague.

    I would appreciate any advice, thanks.

    PS hope this is in the right category it is my first post.

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    I am afraid they are not worth a lot, the two most traceable items are the Daiwa pole and reel, the pole retailed at around £150-£170, the reel is very old and was around in the late 60s and not really a vintage reel. The meanstreak pole might be of interest to some one taking up pole fishing or for a youngster to start with, at the very best you can expect is half the original cost, but probably less.


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      it might be of use to one of the yung uns mate but as for selling it .it would be to much hassle with postage and everything
      nige cooke


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        Thanks for the advice,I will take it onboard,cheers


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          You might make £150.00 for the lot,

          As said above its entry level kit or old, but there is always someone that will be willing to buy it at the right price

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            or you could give our fine sport a go.