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pellet floats

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  • pellet floats

    i brought today 2x middy pellet popper floats thay have got a small disc at the base thats supost to not allow the float to sink to deep on impact to the water.i brought 1x 6grm and 1x 8grm has eny one tried them and do thay make the same sound as a pellet entering the water like the box says that thay do

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    get on ebay and buy some balsa and make your own all you need is some brass welding rod some araldite and some paints and you will save some cash
    nige cooke


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      Bluenose,I bought the 8 grm last week ,used it the on thursday at lodge farm and had 81 carp from 1.5lb to 5lb .Not saying it was solely down to the float but previously fished with Garbo waggs and not had that many.In my opinion float is worth the money ,it sits well in the water and fishes well.
      Regards OM


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        Apart from not diving in to the water on impact the disc also acts like a dinner bell with the noise it makes. Carp as you know are attracted to the noise of pellets hitting the water and this gives something extra to home in on.
        As with any type of up in the water method it can take a while to get them feeding confidently so keep it going in.

        The inspiration behind the Maver C-Loc method feeder.


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          pellet floats

          thay dont sound to bad i might give them a go on sunday thanks