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The Go Fishing Show...

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  • The Go Fishing Show...

    Just wondered what everyone thought of the Go Fishing show this year?

    I just got back and there must be a million pellets on sale! Should be called the "Go Pellet" show...

    A few of the highlights included the following -

    Yorkshire baits stand Perry Stone enthusing about his product - he really is a true salesman and anyone who is going should speak to him and ask for a discount by saying your off Simon Young's TalkAngling website!
    That said he has some very interesting products.

    The Tubertini stand has some great floats the pro 79 looks like an ace pattern for F1's and pellet, and at last a stock of the new 801 hooks. I have to give the best value for money pole award to the Tubertini guys as the 0350 is a right tool for the £800 and 6 top kits.

    Other faces I saw where our very own Bad Boy Bagger and Bagging Up Art... very nice to meet you guys and thanks for the info on the Viaduct!

    Others in attendance there today were Carpmagic, Steve Gardner, Simon Wilsmore, Macho to name but a few - but talk about star struck apon bumping into the man himself John Wilson!

    All in all a little dissapointed in the size of the show and lack of bargains but it was an excellent opportunity to meet up with alot of old friends.
    Simon Young
    Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
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    i was there today first year i have been very dissapointing to be honest! although i do have to say the angling times theatre was very enjoyable with the a question of fishing at the end!

    the new garbolino box???

    its a fantasic idea with the rotating seat but the idea of having a footplate on the front and side? not so sure??? what happens when you fish down the edge to your left and you cant turn because your side tray is in the way! and if you do turn to the other side. you would be at the wrong angle to net the fish infront of you instead you have to net it in the margins where you are fishing? so i cant see the point! and the stax system dont seam up to much either! now the new milo that looks impressive!

    one last thing that pole dancer maver use! shes a bit rough if you ask me. lol
    Matt Smith
    Bag'em matchbaits


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      Not going this year. Went the last couple of years, and while it was good it didn't inspire me to fight tooth and nail to get a day off to go this year!
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        i thought it was crap and to top it all off keith arthur went on about key west thats all he says .. he also only says when he won wychavon.. very boring tbh


        • #5
          it was smaller than last year but it was still good,
          i got 4 signatures on my club hat from
          matt hayes
          john wilson
          des taylor
          and bob nudd
          so that was good
          :D I'll fish anytime and anywhere (as you can see).:D


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            i thought that this year it was cr.p i think they should just give up on the go fishing show. i think it's just coming to a end if it gets any smaller they can put in one of the car parks at the nec, then you just have to pay for the parking. for me and my bro we did met oneabung very nice person, also carpmagic was one of the best for me not just for talking about fishing but what a laugh he was that made my day. when you get up at 6am drive 120or130 miles then you see the show and it was disappointing ? and you see the box that garbolino puts out cheap and nasty plastic that not like them i think they should just stick to making poles that's what there best at, if you look at milo new box's that going to be the best seller this year for me they look like a fishing box, not like a small bar stall... lol for me i think its the last time i will go to the show unless it changes......


            • #7
              Worth going just to see Wendy Lythgoe in power dressing mode!
              MATRIX HALIFAX


              • #8
                they sound a bit like ......Crosby Stills and Nash
                In darkness we do what we can
                In daylight we're oblivion


                • #9
                  max turn up at Bone Hill Mill on the will get most of Talk Anglings supa stars......well Weldec Teepot & Gardner.....theres 3 to watch
                  In darkness we do what we can
                  In daylight we're oblivion


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                    as my bro said we did meet up with oneabung really nice bloke,i think the show was disappointing but if you like to try a lot of baits then its a show for you? i did get to talk to steve r,jamie mason,both was really helpful and willing to help me improve my fishing and show me some new stuff, oh yeah lets not forget the mavers girl well what can i say but very nice lol
                    all in all i think for next year we will wait to see whats up there befor we get are tickets.
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                      i must admit there seemed to be more bait companies than tackle,not many bargains but one thing that did make my day was the maver lass pole dancing,lol


                      • #12
                        I went on Saturday and thought it was a complete and utter waste of money even at the £12 advance payment price. No where near the number of exhibitors as in previous years and some very well known manufacturers, distributors and shops were absent. Won't bother attending in future


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                          I visited on friday after a last minute scive off work. Took the missus too and took in the outdoor show next door as well.
                          Met Macho & Danny on the Garbolino stand enjoyed a natter & tried a few poles. Watched a couple of shows in the AT theatre but that was about it . Was in there for maybe 2hrs. Cost £20 in fuel /£30 entrance money. The last time i took the missues was probably 7/8 years ago when the show was much bigger & better and it took all day to get round. Not anymore..........

                          At least the outdoor show ( entrance free with our hand stamps from Go Fishing) was much bigger & better and made the expense of the day more bearable.


                          • #14
                            From what Ive read it seems its getting worse instead of better.


                            • #15
                              Yeah the Maver lass was a little past her sell by date. Wendy did look ace in her suit though!

                              Did anyone see any new inventions that were worth a try?
                              Simon Young
                              Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
                              web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital