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Ideas where to fish ?

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  • Ideas where to fish ?

    I am from North West London. I have fished in and around the Watford area. There are few lakes that I have heard of locally and would like to know whether anyone would know any decent places to fish in the area. I have done a bit of fishing at the GUC (Grand Union Canal), however, I havn't been extremely successful. Any good places to fish at and location would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Ant

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    You could try Gaywoods Fishery in Kings Langley. Its a day ticket water. I used to fish there a few years back. I had some good pleasure sessions there.

    Gaywoods Fishery Kings Langley Hertfordshire for Coarse Fishing for Carp Perch Roach Rudd Tench


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      Thanks They got many big fish in there? Also is it a good place for a beginner?


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        Its perfect for beginners. The place is stuffed with fish. I would advise using very big baits because the Rudd will take absolutely everything you chuck in. There are plenty of Carp, Tench and even Barbel. Big cubes of meat work well.

        Take note of the rules because the owners are very strict and will kick you out without thinking twice.
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          Do you think luncheon meat is the best option ? They said it was one of the best on the website, and some corn for tench. Would you recommend any other baits there? Your advice on all my questions has been really great btw!


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            Meat always worked for me. You could try and experiment but if you use anything small you will get pestered by Rudd.


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              Ah, ok. Do they have any large Rudd, or would you say it would be better going for carp and tench etc? Carp and tench are my passion but I wouldn't mind catching Rudd if they are well sized.


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                I would go for the Carp and Tench. Ledger a cube of meat or something big.

                If you want Rudd then set up a shallow waggler and they will take baits like corn on the drop. They are quite decent in size too if you can get the big ones going.

                As i said before, the Rudd are a pain in the arse!!


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                  Thanks mate. Will try and get down there some time soon. So do you live in round that area ? Pm me if you want


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                    I live in Borehamwood which is about 20 minutes or so away from Watford.


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                      Ah ok, any good lakes in the area?