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space station xs vs rive st old system

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  • space station xs vs rive st old system

    hi i have just recently bought a Preston space station xs and after arguing with a man with a rive box what box afford more for less money know his box cost 1250 mine cost new not that my box was new but new would have been 400 plus 30 every unit so 520 at max this is what i say to him and he replied well rives are set up strait away know in my opinion Preston will make more sales then rive but he says different so i ask for a quick pol too see what u think ok so can anyone that has a (Preston box) not just a space station but Preston boxes in general and the pros and cons and anyone that has a rive so i can weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of both boxes and when all results are in i shall tell u all who is winning the race in box makeing ok pls start voting



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    boxes are like cars ade...we all have different taste and finances. i use matchbox and love it to bits its all down to taste and what you are personally happy with. good luck with your poll
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      I got a secondhand Rive ST (with spare drawers and divider) cheaper than the price of a standard Preston Space Station. I wanted a Rive but could not afford to buy one brand new. Both are very good boxes and I would believe them to be the best around for commercials.
      The Rive boxes are the best I believe personally but perhaps do not warrant the price tag they have. The system is the most versatile though and new trays are the cheapest around currently. I think the build quality is slightly better for the Rive though and I am sure that the Rive will last longer due to the materials used and greater availability of spare parts.
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        good coments

        ok thanks guys good comments pls keep voting


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          proof of poor qulity

          I think because of the X box range there add ons will always have adapters to fit not only that but preston sell a lot of gear to anglers that have other boxes so they would be foolish not to, My mate has the ST Rive and has had a few problems the wheel kit went bananas up then the foot platform broke then the mudfoot or leg broke off,on the other hand another mate owns the Space Station and hasn't has any problems at all, the chap with the rive now uses a preston space station trolley to transport his box as do quite a few other amglers who own rive boxes around our way.


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            i got a rive st mate and dont like it (side draws are a joke) i would swop it for a space station any day
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              I like side drawers as you can get stuff out of them while you are fishing, you just slide them out and can carry on fishing. I find with front drawers you have to stop fishing and move your legs to actually get what you want out.
              Rive actually do front drawers though which you can buy. I think there were some for sale on here of TF foums recently Julian.
              I have the Rive rear wheel kit and have found it good but then I don't fish many venues with much of a walk. I have heard others have had problems and a few people have gone for the space shuttle. i think the only slight problem is that they are a bit wide for the space station and the space station is quite easy to tip on unlevel ground.


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                I'll be using my BOSS when I get back into Match fishing next month


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                  Ive got the X6s and although very comfortable its the little things that i feel let it down. When you put lets say your side tray and pole roost on the legs you have to put them low enough cos the side draws wont open. Also the side draws are locked by a pin under the seat which is ok until you forget to put it back when packing up and if you dont keep it straight lets say you have to climb up a sloped bank and they slide out and all your end tackle is everywhere (happened to me at Izak Walton). If they were magnetic job done.


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                    get the space station


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                      thanks but still need more

                      ok guys almost there but need a few more comments please but too all that have voiced there opinions thanks


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                        No argument really RIVE all the way and this one has already been polled i think may times before ?

                        Its all down to build quality Preston boxes last a few season to anglers that use them week in week out due to poor plastic catches and inferior quality. Rives seem to 10 times longer, both have faults but Rives are few and far between compared to prestons.

                        The Rive trolley originally released did have its faults but these I believe have been sorted and a new version is available. I have and ST and do use a preston trolley as this is perfect for carrying all my gear I didnt like the idea of the extra weight against my platform whilst pulling it along, as the box is half a ton on its own which is why the first wheel kits bent ????

                        The problem with the trays sticking is down to weight on the box if you dont have a sliding side tray as your first section I think this stops that problem ?

                        Every angler buys their box based on budget as not everyone has a spare £700 + sitting around for the box they want.

                        The Matchbox / drennan boxes are also very good boxes and these too are adaptable like Rive. Other thing is how much do you want to carry in your box ??? at the end of the day the preston space station is a rip of the ST with inferior materials simpleeees ..
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                        here carpy carpy carpy


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                          There's only one make


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                            got a maver 3000 wish i hadnt


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                              i have a rive st get it brand new with the extra deepning tray extending legs all round two extra top trays and winder kits and side tray and trolly kit cost around £1000
                              faults found .
                              where the trolly kit goes into the the main box via a couplle of metal spikes the holes the spikes go througth get bigger with wear and evently faill to remedy this a bought a carp porter fatboy wheel borrow the box sets across the frame perfectly and then i put my rive metal sidetray on the borrow frame behind my box and then dump my carrall and pole roller and bait bag on top you then can put your rod holdall on top resting in a y shaped extendable pole that fits in the rear of the barrow the great then about this is all the weight is over the barrow wheel and is effortless to push i must stress thougth that you neeed the fatboy version off this barrow asthe wheel is alot wider and bigger hence the name fat boy they are around £100 but never had a proplem with it now iin its 4th season
                              the only other thing i have had a proplem with is the rubber type locking screws that tighten the legs in place very easy to over tighten but you get to no when to stop tightning!
                              plus points
                              once you have got the peg they are with out doubt the strongest box on the market a lot off thought as gone into these boxes and would recomend one to any one the spares back up is brilliant via nathans at derby and everything on the box is avalible as a spare even the frame can be re painted it is a lot off money for a box mine is now 7 years old and still looks as good as new