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200lb + at Lindholme

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  • 200lb + at Lindholme

    I'm looking to go a do an article at Lindholme on the Bonzai lake with the aim of catching 200lb + ... these weights only tend to get achieved there when the fish come close - say 4M as the fish average around 1lb

    Do you guys on here have experience of catching big weights short up in the water? I'm looking to find out what the best set up is in terms of floats and any other tips to help me do the double ton! The bait will be 1 gallon maggots - so any ideas to help and little tricks would be much appreciated.
    Simon Young
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    Matt6900 is the bloke,


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      umm well i dont know what the pegs are like at lindholm, but if you can get down close to the water its a big help, i use a short landing net handle about 1metre long with a small net, its supprising how much quicker you are at landing fish, with a longer handle you have the temptation to net them at say 2.5m out and pulling your net in wastes time! i also know of quite a few others that do this!

      is there anychance of getting them on your top kit simon? i find just unshipping one section wastes alot of time! if not try and net then with out breaking down holding your top a metre or so away from the end!

      having lots of spare rigs already on tops as always saves time! for f1s around a 1lb i always use black hydro!

      if i have to use a float then i would only leave about a 2inch from pole to float and lifting at everything!

      fishing without a float is deadly no matter what people say about the tactic! and saves the 'hastle' of reading your float!

      if you have to fsih close on teh deck at all, positive shotting 3-4 inch from the hook to get the bait down and heavy floats to get it there quicker! if msising bite shallow up half a inch at a time till connect with fish!

      these are all standard when it comes to fishing for big weights at manor farm during the summer the only difference is we are fishing pellet and paste!

      sound like i will have to pay lindholme a visit soon!
      Matt Smith
      Bag'em matchbaits