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needs feeder rod and reel advice

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  • needs feeder rod and reel advice

    im looking for a feeder rod and reel for about 150£ approx anyone got any advice for what to go for? anything would be useful

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    i would look at the shakepeare mach 3 rod and reel set


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      what do the sizes mean im confused:S are certain sizes (11ft for example) more specialised to certain fishing?


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        Feeder Rod help

        Mac is spot on with his suggestion of the Mach 3 combo, for your price bracket. When it comes to lengths (and strengths), it all depends on what type of fishing you are going to be involved in. The 9 to 11foot models are generally speaking more acurate when it comes to casting, they have become more and more popular on commercials and with the matchmen because you are landing fish at close range and in a very similar way to when using your pole top kit.
        The longer models will allow you to cast further and will usually allow you to use slightly heavier lines and terminal tackle. There are a few compromise rods on the market that allow you to 'bridge the gap', some of the Drennan Puddle Chuckers are good at this, these come with an extra 18-24" short section or a longer alternative section to give you 2 rods for the price of one, e.g. 10/12'6 or 11/13'. Then you have light, medium, power/heavy situations to consider as a rough guide this is bomb, feeder, method. Then to top it all off you have to consider the rod's action. A through action rod (bends from tip to butt, progressively) will suit most situations and does help reduce lost fish and breakages, tip action rods will increase the sensitivity in light/medium rods to benefit silver's fishing and aid the rivermen on heavier gear when having to cope with those heavy currents.
        All of this is just a guide m8, you really need to get yourself off to a tackle shop where you can get the gear in your hands, better still ask the people fishing along side of you if you could have a few chucks with their rod (but wait 'till after the match/end of their session).
        Hope this helps in some way.....tight lines.
        "Here fishy, fishy, fishy........"


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          thanks for the advice both of u its really helping me with making a desicision probably go for mach 3 or drennan with preston pxr 4000 reel


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            does that sound like a good combo something like 12ft 6 inch rod???