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How Long Do You Keep Your Rigs ??

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  • How Long Do You Keep Your Rigs ??

    Hi Guys,

    I make up most of my hook lengths at home, put them into plastic wallets and then its just a matter of tying them onto the mainline.

    After one is used though do how long would you keep it in use ? Would you use it for one session and them remake it, or put it back into the wallet for reuse ??

    - G

  • #2
    if i have used it for a session i will disgard it, maybe if i had been on a winter day and had a slow one with only a few fish i may re-use


    • #3
      Personally I always bin mine after a session.
      If i re-used it and it snapped on me i would never be sure if it was previous damage and it would be a bit unfair on the fish to swim around with it in its mouth.


      • #4
        i will make up lots of rigs and hook lengths if kept in the dark away from direct sunlight they will last for ages but i will always disgard a rig and hooklength after use


        • #5
          I put the rig back on the winder and put it in the box upside doiwn, on its next use it gets a new hooklength, I never use the same hook for 2 sessions, I tend to use the same rigs on different venues and they get cut about and added to a lot so they usually only last a few weeks than its a remake
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            i always tie new rigs after a days fishing piece of mind knowing my rig will not break, famous last words


            • #7
              I always re do a rig once I've used it and If I'm catching well I will also change the hook link during the session if it gets blunt.
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