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what floats do u use for skimmer fishing

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  • what floats do u use for skimmer fishing

    as title says
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    malman Champers..

    size depends on depth
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      what size do u use for each depth please
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        That is a difficult question because in my opinion it depends on what bait you use, on what kind of venue you fish and what kind of fishingtechnic you use.
        For example do you have to catch skimmers with maggots on a lake, with bloodworm on a river or with corn on a canal? Are you going to fish off bottom lifting the bait all the time or hold the float deadstill in a current?
        The thickness and lenght of the bristle will be different in those occasions. Are there much waves on the surface I prefer a float with a metal stem to stabilize the float.
        You see; there is no such thing as one best float for (skimmer) fishing.

        I don't know if any of you are coming to visit Holland next week to watch the world championships in Almere. Altough skimmers and bream will be the target there wont be two anglers that have exact thesame choice of floats.

        It's a very personal thing


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          thanks for this roha its just a local lake is full of skimmers bout a pound a peice and u fish pellet so want a float thats fine tipped
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            In that case use a slim body (no current) and a fine bristle because the fish will feel less resistance.
            When there are waves you'd better have a longer bristle because it 'cuts' through the waves better and you'll have a stable float. Skimmers lmostly take their bait from the bottom and therefore like a baitpresentation that's not moving.

            My floatchoice would be this one;
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              I like your answer Roha

              Method master if your talking skimmers on commercials or in open water then you want something along the lines of ackoo's pellet or wilkies pellet floats I tend to go with a wire for stability and more so if the chances of carp are rare.

              the rule of thumb on weight to depth is typically 0.1 of a gram / ft eg 0.6 of a gram for 6 foot of water, however I tend to go a lot less than that and have the weight in the float for that type of fishing, the weight is usually in the form of a long wire stem.

              Its a really hard call as 99% of the time the venue and condtions dictate float choice , presentation is what you need and for skimmers stability is usually the best port of call
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                I am fishing a deep (12/14ft) stretch of the avon shortly.I believe it is very slow moving as well. I have never pole fished a river before. Would you use a heavy pole float a couple of feet overdepth and lay on or trot it through whilst holding back slightly. Skimmers and roach being the main quarry.