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Carp Fishing???

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  • Carp Fishing???

    I am fairly new to carp fishing. With a bit of help from someone I know, I have been able to do some rig fishing, which i've been told is the best method for carp. As I am totally new to it all any advice would be helpful. Baits, Gear recommendations and requirements, methods etc.



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    any questions you wanna ask pal, go for it..

    I was a carp angler up til 6 weeks ago..


    Geoff Bowers (Active Bait Solutions) is THE bait to use, he is the man behind a majority of the top baits today.. What he dont know about adding to a boillie aint worth knowing...
    His freezer baits are rolled by a company called Destiny Baits..


    Use whatever is the best you can afford.

    Greys Prodigy Rod's Very Very good rods for around £180 for a set of 3 second hand.. If you can afford more then please let me know i have better recommendations, but for the average angler the Prods are very good.
    Shimano baitrunners... 6000 and 8000 are the same size reels, just deeper spools, the 10'000's are superb bits of kit, These have done everything needed for years and will continue to do so for a long time to come..
    Fox MX's you can pick these up on ebay for around £15 a peice... They make a noise when you get a run... What more do you want them to do, The MX also have tone and volume control... again what more do you need. Plus they have been around for a while and are well recommended...
    You can pick a second hand bivvy up from ebay for around 60-70, my perference has always been for a pramhood style bivvy and theres nowt better than the Armadillo..
    Diawa Sensor Absolutley no reason to spend 15-18 on a spool of the latest greatest fish catching line, Sensor at £7-8 for a bulk spool is all you will ever need.. Awesome gear, and its caught the biggest carp in the country on more than 1 occasion..

    Anythingelse you need to know pal, please mail me..
    Effort = Reward.


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      Mate would you like a list of my gear? I do not know all the gear I have as 2 of the rods were given to me. I think I could spend up to £100 on a rod maybe more. Maybe you could help me by telling me what size fish I would be expecting to catch on the gear I have ? I have heard it should take most carp.




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        tin of luncheon meat fished at the rod end on any tackle you like.

        anythin more than that is pointless tartism

        i should know!
        north nott's member and serial buyer of stuff i dont need :D


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          Thanks mate. I've heard and found that lucheon meat is quite a good bait. It sometimes falls off the rig though, do you know a way to stop that happening as much ?


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            if its a decent stiffish lump, you can use bait elastic. failing that you can used a feeder, tuck the meat inside with some ground bait and pull back when its on the bottom. failing that, put it on a hair rig with bait elastic. failing that, just place it in the margins at the rod end where carp feed anyway

            carp are swimming pigs mate. 20 years of fishing for them taught me that expensive boilies and hype tackle are just window dressing. if you put a bait where a carp feeds it meks little difference wether its a crusty chip or a mege tech boilie. as for tackle, a good hook and some strong enough mono should sort you out.

            go read the thread "are we the angler getting caught". it all makes perfect sense
            north nott's member and serial buyer of stuff i dont need :D


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              Thanks mate Will give that a go.