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Looking forward to tomorrow...

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  • Looking forward to tomorrow...

    ...Not really an interesting thread, I know, but really looking forward to going fishing tomorrow.
    Has been a couple of weeks, and trying out feeding meat in conjunction with using meat on the hook (and not feeding corn with meat on the hook like last time).
    Its a new tactic (never fed and used meat on the hook all day), so it makes it ever more exciting not knowing whether it will work better, worse, or the same...its the fun of it all realy.

    Another early start, so will be at the lake for 7am, and fishing until...well...when ever I feel like it (and need a days holiday after this week).

    Just got to prep the hook and feed, and make a few sarnies, then done for the night.
    Bought a couple of extra tins of meat...just in case

    Just wondering whether to try the club groundbait. Its a brand, but my memory fails me. Some green stuff (by colour or name, cant even remember that)
    Never really tried it before, so might give it a go.

    Should be an interesting start. A cool night ahead (hopefully not too detremental to the fishing), and really hoping for that mystical fog/mist in the morn, but doesn't look too promising on that front.
    Temperatures look look climbing up to 19oC, and should be sunny, so quite looking forward to my first 'autumn' fish.

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    Hi to springwood again? If so i think from memory the groundbait there is swimstim.....good luck!


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      lol how d'ya guess

      Swimstim sounds familiar.

      Just pelleting up a tin of luncheon meat...taking ages.

      What do you reackon. Leave it as it is, or throw a little groundbait in (got some general hold'em fish groundbait...sweet smelling)?


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        I'd just say try it and see.....that how you learn. Try making up a small amount of paste from the groundbait and give that a go aswell.


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          Cheers Emptynet. Every little helps (and I dont work for Tesco lol)


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            Well, wasnt as good as hoped.
            The weather was perfect, although the temperature got down to about 6-7oC on Thursday night.

            Started off well, with a 3lb, 1lb and 5-6lb carp in the first 1.5 hours. Then a couple more before 11.00am, before going dead until about 4.00pm. No fish for about 5 hours, and only about 5-10 bites in the same time.
            Picked up a little towards the evening, with plenty of bites off the island, but the margins were exceptionally quiet for most of the day and more especially, the evening.

            However, speaking to a couple of people, there were a lot of fish seen at the other end of the lake.
            More than likely, just an unlucky day (another guy a few pegs down had the same problem as me).
            But, could have been the tactics. Saw and heard of other people catching on other baits (Didn't have any myself), so just carried on.

            A good day, and still love the place.