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Carping tips for a blanker

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  • Carping tips for a blanker

    Afternoon all.
    Hitting a local water that is renowned for being tough.

    I have been to commercials and had success on them with hair rigged pellets/meat/corn etc and was wondering how to tackle (pun intended) a very big lake with shy fish...

    I am quite new to the sport but established enough to catch (about 7 months in).

    I usually shower in a load of corn/meat and pellets in a spot and cast out my ledger in the area and wait for the bites which works quite well.

    But this lake is going to be subjected to a full day session tomorrow and I HAVE to catch!

    got some prepared hemp seeds, fishmeal, birdfood and strawberry boilies, 8mm hallibut pellets, spam, corn and bread.

    Would anyone be able to offer any advice on bait presentation with these ingredients/products that could give me a fighting chance of getting these elusive carp munching on my hookbait

    I would generally hair rig a chunk of meat or a pellet with a size 10 on. Casting as near the islands as possible. Using 12lb line and throwing handful of each bait on top of (or as near as possible to) the hookbait.

    Thanks guys!

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    If it's hard, try tightening evrything up. i'd suggest a fishing the tea bag, pellet cone or method feeder. That way there will be small piles of bait with your hookbait right amongst the feed.

    I'm not sure how big the carp go but 6lb reel line, 0.18 hooklength and a 14-16 hook should be ample for fish upto 10lb.


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      Method feeder maybe an option, not tried it yet...

      Theres carp up to 25lb+ in there somewhere but mid to high teens are the norm (when they are caught!).

      i'm unaware of teabag and pellet cone. Could you possibly explain these tactics, Jon?

      Myself and a mate are going from the same pegs so 4 lines out. will definitely try th method feeder on one line.

      Do you need special method mix or can I utilise the hemp and groundbait in there?
      Also - is a hair rig worth using on method or is it best to use hooked bait?



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        The tea bag is scaled down pva bag tactics where a small pva bag of bait is, where allowed, mounted onto a baited hook and cast out, resulting in a small pile of bait with the hookbait amongst it.

        The pellet cone is more of a match technique where a small amout of dampened down pellets are mounded around the hooklength just above the hook. I'm sure if you googled both these techniques some website will go into more detail.

        I'd suggest hair rigging for carp of this size. As a general rule have the hair length twice the size of the bait. eg, if you are using a 10mm boilie, have a 20mm hair so the bait is 10mm off the hook. This theory works for me. Some carp anglers would suggest alternate ways of tying the hair dependant upon if you are using a bottom bait, pop up or critically balanced bait but if you using a bottom bait the standard knotless knot should be sufficient.

        As for method mixes, there are so many out there but I like to use 50:50 ground bait & softened pellet. Hemp & ground bait should be fine, you may need to add some binder if the groundbait needs it to hold onto the feeder.

        My method feeder fishing is usually done in matches with small, visible baits (corn, bolies, pellets, punched meat & maggots). Maybe a smaller bait may work better on the lake you are going to fish? I guess they see alot of big boilies and large baited areas so a more refined approach may be the best way to go?

        If you do feed a larged baited area, dont be afraid to fish around the edges, wary fish may only pick off odd baits and not want to venture into the middle of your baitind area. Also, try fishing with a heavy-ish lead and a slack line, this will mean your line will sink to the bottom and avoid spooking fish that could smim into a tight line.

        Good luck



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          Brilliant. Your help is massively appreciated Jon.
          didnt know PVA bag method was known as "teabag" - i've done that method a few times. Thanks for taking the time to explain yourself so clearly about it all.

          Never thought about slack line fishing due to using baitrunners and quivertips but it's a good idea because when the carp gets hooked, it hooks itself with no need to strike! Sterling idea, Jon!
          No wind forecast tomorrow which will help this idea I would assume.

          and the idea of using the hookbait on the edge of a well baited area worked for me last night - by accident albeit!

          I have some good ideas to go at there and now I want to go tonight!

          Thanks again Jon, your help has been great.


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            No Probs mate, glad I could help. Let us know how you get on.



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              Definately fish a method and re-cast regular to get the big fish interested and get some bait down.
              Wins For Fun, Somebody Find Me Some Competition!


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                Hi guys, went down 12 - 8 on Saturday and had a blank once again...

                Not one fish came out as far as I could see, either!

                Enjoyed using the method feeder though, a new tactic I can put under my belt.

                Tea bagged on 2 lines with not even a sniff...

                Lovely day though - got a sweet T-Shirt tan!

                Going to stop fishing there now, it's not good for my sanity.

                Mark, though, had a huge run! On his feeder rod with a 1 1/2oz ledger and monster crab boilie with boilies and 8mm pellets in the surrounding 4 foot area.
                Rod flew off the rod pod and nearly into the water.

                His drag was set at an average point so the rod stuck on the peg instead of getting wet, but as soon as he started to reel in, the 7lb hooklength snapped!

                Wish it was on his 12lb line to braid, then we would have had a nice photo for the trouble. But, alas! Nothing...


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                  not sure where in the country you are mate but the weather on saturday was not great for fishing, still, bright, high pressure with the only breeze a northerly!


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                    That was the weather...
                    Nice to be sitting out but not the best for fishing im sure.
                    Up in West Yorkshire, going to a well fishing commercial next week, might try Brookfoot again on Saturday but rogue ducks and the like were troublesome at the least!

                    as the old saying goes - one more for the road!

                    Did a teabag on the match pond next to the lake and I was the only one to catch in 4 hours so I know i'm doing it right, just frustrating as hell not landing anything for an 8 hour session...


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                      Dont get disheatened,we fish a water where blanks are measured in weeks/months not hours/days,try to keep things simple and remember location is far more important tha baits or rigs.Regards Peter.
                      Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.