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any ideas

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  • any ideas

    I am about to fish a lake about 4ft deep with a large head of Bream it is very difficult to hold the shoal any suggestions

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    How often are you casting?

    You might need to cast at regular intevals to keep feed going in to hold them, thats assuming your using a groundbait feeder?


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      add some micro pellets into your groudbait mix, might help hold the bream while they are searching for the little free bits


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        yington, are pole fishing, feeder fishing or float fishing?

        You say they are difficult to hold, maybe you need to put more feed in at the start to hold them for longer? Then when the begin to slow, put a small amount more in to bring them back. If you use ground bait, pack in plenty of particle to keep them rooting around (squatt/hemp/casters/worm/micros)

        If the fish are easily spooked, then let the bite develop and only strike when you are sure the fish has properly taken the bait. There is nothing worse than pulling out of a fish immediatley after hooking it as it will swim off and the others will follow. Use steady pressure and guide the fish away from the feed area firmly but not harshly.

        If you are fishing the feeder, after getting some initial feed down, change to a bomb and search around the feed area as the bream may still be about but sitting back off of the feed. Also try changes to the length of your hooklength, this may be worth a few fish. 1-4ft. Try taking the line off the clip and add afew yards, if the bream are backing away you may have to follow them. Also, sit on your hands and wait for propper pulls to avoid striking at liners and possible foul hookers.

        On the pole, dont be afraid to scale down to say an 18 hook and 0.10 bottom, Bream dont fight that hard and can often be caught on a smaller bait after a few come out on bigger baits. To magnify bites, fish a double bulk rig with the lowe bulk just off bottom. Many bites this way are lifts. When a bream feeds it has to up-end with its head on the deck and tail up. When it rights it'self it comes off bottom. With a double bulk, as the fish comes off bottom, the second bulk is lifted which results in the pole float tip rising, hence a lift bite. I always tend to make my "strike" slightly longer for lift bites to take the slack off the line.



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          thanks for the info lads i was not very clear with question.I was feeder fishing,i managed to win the match,the first one since returning to angling i had 54lb 12oz so i am very pleased,Once again many thanks