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sion farm problem

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  • sion farm problem

    sion farm right i am fed up with rumours about sion rob the owner is agood freind of mine and i need to set record straight thiers is some problems at sion with is carp population
    at the present moment in time is as lost about 30 carp the biggest about 20lb he does expect to lose a few more befor things start to recover the seem to have a white fungi on them which makes it hard for them to breave its not a nice sight at the moment down thier with dead fish being taken out all the right people have been informed and the problem is in hand nothing is confirmed yet to what it is however i do fear the worst has i have seen this befor at anorther venue not to far away thier is no problems with the back pool and its carp population all is well with that thier is no problem with the silver fish stocks in both pools they are all fine and in good health when i know more i will update every one

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    Well it certainly doesn't sound like anything notifiable mate - no haemorraging, no lesions etc. Rob has obviously and quite rightly done the right thing by calling CEFAS and the EA and should be highly commended for it - many fishery owners dispose of the fish and say nothing. I was called by a fishery that had a similar problem this spring and he only lost a couple in the end - the fish shook the problem off. I have my theories as to what the problem is, but the main problem is getting to the bottom of why the fish have got to this stage, and that will hopefully be dealt with so the problem can be corrected and avoided in the future. If I can be of any help to Rob, please let me know.

    Of course there are rumours, because some petty-minded anglers are the first to start shouting their mouths off about something of which they have absolutely no knowledge! Luckily, these people are in the minority, but unfortunately, they air their opinions far too loudly and the story gets misrepresented by someone who overhears and it gets further twisted as it goes down the line, until what is said bares absolutely no resemblence to the actual facts.

    All commercial fisheries lose fish - some through ignorance and bad management, some through bad luck, but all due to unnatural stress induced by modern angling requirements - it is, unfortunately a hazard of the industry. It is highly unfare for any angler to go spreading rumours when fishery owners are doing their best to give them what they want.

    So well said Shaun for representing the majority who care and keep us informed mate
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      thanks phil for your support mate if rob needs any more advice i will gladly pass on your number mate so pm it please


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        I heard pretty much the same.. Went to fish the other day.. Ended up sacking on roach but only 2 carp.. Doesn't look good and the smell from dead fish is awful but im sure the owner willl sort it as he is on the ball..

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          I think Sion is a victim of it's own success, it's near enough packed every day and there's dog biscuits, meat, boilies and bread being lobbed in by the bucketful without seemingly any sort of limit or control.



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            Agree completely there Carl. Gotta have something to do with it as it deffo cant be good for any fishery.


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              Good luck to them sorting it out mate and getting back on track.


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                Sounds to me like a water quality problem. More than likely caused by lack of dissolved oxygen in the water. As oxygen levels drop the fish go off the feed, as the uneaten feed starts to decompose on the bottom then the problems really start to begin. Anaerobic conditions are favoured by bad bacteria which will multiply at an alarming rate. The mass explosion of bacteria in the water increases the biological demand for dissolved oxygen and thus the oxygen levels drop even faster. At this stage fish can be seen on or near to the surface gulping for air. Secondary infections are starting to show on the weaken fish, ulcers and a white cotton wool type fungus are common. If left unchecked Ammonia and nitrites can build up to dangerous levels as the friendly bacteria which control these harmful waste products are dying off fast with the lack of oxygen needed to keep them working. Its a finely balanced eco system in these places and one which can so easily be tipped over the edge by over stocking and all the demands it brings to the aquatic enviroment.
                If this is the case then first thing to do is raise the oxygen levels. Pumping in fresh water will also help. Removal of dead fish is a must. Sick fish can be netted and treated in a salt bath to kill off infections or anti septic sprays can be used. Its not a good idea to use antibiotics to kill to bacteria in the water as this will kill the friendly bacteria. Salt can be added to the water to a level of 0.3% which is safe for fish and will help with the healing and reduce the toxic effects of ammonia at the same time. Hope its not to late and nothing worse.


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                  Re Sion Farm problems

                  Guys I have just come back from Sion farm.
                  Reading some of the posts I expected the worst but had to see for myself, when I arrived at the pool I could see a few 4-5 carp that didn't look too healthy no dead fish no stench of dead fish???
                  I only fished for the roach but during the day I seen loads of perfectly healthy looking fish boshing around the top and even hooked two carp.
                  All day I have listened to anglers quoting all the fish are dead and similar irresponsible and obviously untrue stories.
                  Rob the owner stopped for a chat and was very open about the issue he said he had lost 40-45 fish total, this represents only a small percentage of the fish in this fishery .The fishery consultant is Dr Bruno Broughton who has assured him there is nothing catastrophic happening with the situation improving daily.

                  Sometimes it seems that we the anglers are only to quick to spread and exaggerate the bad news when we are not fully aware of the facts.


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                    My point exactly mate.
                    If Bruno says nothing to worry about, then spot on - he taught me everything I know! Top man, the best in his field. He taught me all through my studies at college and uni.


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                      pity he didnt teach you how to catch um as well
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                      In daylight we're oblivion


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                        Lol, I challenge you to a dual on Oak Pool Mr 26 lb and I'll give you the hot peg 14 again lmao