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Crucian Carp - Best Tactics

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  • Crucian Carp - Best Tactics

    Looking to go back to my usual haunt on either Saturday or Tuesday, and thinking about leaving my usual spot of the last 4 months or so, and trying the other lake.
    Both lakes have two islands, and a few amount of margin material.

    Whilst both lakes have common/mirror carp in, one difference (I believe, and reading the website), is that the lake I haven't tried before has a large head of Crucian Carp.

    So, what would be best?

    Do I go for margins, or do I go for the island (bearing in mind i'll be in the waggler).

    What about bait? Corn, meat, casters, worms, maggotts?

    Knowing me, i'll chicken out and sit in my usual spot, but any advice appreciated.

    Also, has anyone used blended meat/corn as a feed? I'm thinking fat/spice/sweetness mixture might be quite interesting to try.

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    hiya mate
    i have had great success using riddled meat feed for crucians, push your meat slices through maggot riddle, and feed small amounts, use small pieces of meat as hookbait.
    even using the ridddled meat on hook. cut slices about 1/4" thick, push through riddle once.
    good luck


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      If your after Crucians your tackle needs to be finer than for normal carp and your bait presentation spot on as they are fickle feeders.

      I used to fish a lake in the cotswolds that was full of cucians up to about a pound. Had excellent weights of 70-80lb of soley crucians on the pole at 8 metres..

      Rigwise. Dont fish to heavy, the lake i fished in the cotswolds was about 5 feet deep. I fished .10 Straight through to a Tubertini 808 Size 18 hook. Float wise you need a slim float i use TBF Cults 4x12 with a small bulk of no 11 shot and 2 droppers. Pole is the best as your prensentation has to be spot on, elastic wise use i use Preston original No 8.

      Baitwise i found that pellet was far better that corn and meat. I used 4mm ringers expanders.

      The crucial part for crucians (pardon the pun) is getting the depth spot on. I plumb up so just a pimple of the float bristle is showing. Catching crucians is emmensly enjoyable and if your set up his right you can get one-a-bung.

      Tight Lines


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        Cheers Tunna.

        Might split the meat a little, and go some plain riddled, and some riddled with blended corn (perhaps a little bread to thicken).

        Is there any other baits to take along, just in case meat doesn't work (guessing corn can work well)?



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          Tin can man is spot on with the info for catching Crucians. The only thing I will add is Crucians like ground bait. Add a small ball of Swimstim with a few micros and maggots and away you go.


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            Maggots and caster?
            The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but obtainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.


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              4mm expander pellet fished over a small amount of fishmeal ground bait. A "Hook in loop" or "360" rig are perfect for Cru's IMO. Dead depth (if conditions allow) and dot the float right down and lift at any indication. Set up a standard rig too, like TinCanMan suggests. 18s hooks, 0.12 hooklength max.
              Plumb up with a plumbet but fine tune by pinching a bb on to the hook. you want to be at DEAD depth, not "it'll do, its only half an inch over".
              Double 6 slip/standard 8 soft would be my laccy choice, particularly if there is a chance of a bonus carp.

              To avoid striking off the pellet, fish two lines one at "10oclock" and one at "2oclock", feed sparingly with a toss pot and rotate to allow the feed to settle on one line, fish the other then repeat the process. if you can get it right it should be one a bung


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                i often use strawberry or pineapple flavourings are good,use 4mm expanders with a squirt of flavouring and either plain micro pellets or with a squirt of flavouring in the water i soak them in and feed a few of the expanders as well, but dont forget bread flake or punch, these are the baits that work well on my local pool. you can sometimes fish overdepth when they are feeding fast and i use 0.8 or 0.10 to a tubertini 2, red maggotts are good too but use a tubertini 18. i often fish close to a feature such as a bush or tree overhanging the water but they can also be caught in open water remember to feed little and often to keep them in the peg
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                    Cheers Peeps.
                    I'm now prepped for tomorrow.
                    Got me meat chopped into cubes, also chopped another tin of meat for feed (quite small pieces). Also have chopped up some sweetcorn finely (i bust the blender *doh*) which I might mix into the meat for feeding. Just to add another dimension.
                    Will also take some bread with me, just in case.
                    Worst case scenario, and i'll get me fish charming flute out.

                    Still dubious about going on the crucian lake though. Trouble is, last time I went on my usual lake/spot, it was nowhere near as good as usual. Could have been an off day on that side/part of the lake (heard someone saying they were all at the other end), or it could have been the scum that seemed to congregate in the corner where I was. Annoyingly, it meant that I couldnt fish as close to the margins as I usually do (and might have had an effect on the fish, although they were under it at the end of the day feeding from it).

                    Arrrrrggghhhhhh...indecisive is not the word!


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                      I chickened out, and went back to my usual spot.
                      Started at 8am, and didnt get my first bite (and fish) until 9am. I then had to wait until abotu 3pm before my next fish (only 2 other hooked - One which bent the hook, and the other which just came off).
                      Number of bites between 8am and 4pm where probably no more than 10.
                      Whilst in the mean time, the other 20 anglers in the silvers match (not wanting carp) didnt manage to bag up on the silvers, but there was carp galore.
                      Tactics from my side could have been the problem, or indeed I was fishing a lake where 80% of the pegs were taken up by match fisherman.

                      Eventually I did move to the other lake for 3 hours. It died off in the last 1-1.5 hours (maybe due to the temp plumbeting, although hooked one fish which is only the second to snap the line at the fisheries). But in the first 1.5 hours, I hooked a 1lb mirror, a 3-4lb common and a 4-5lb ghost carp (my first ever).

                      Not sure if i'll go again this season, but i'm ever mroe intregued now by the top lake, and if it wasn't for the ghostie yesterday, it would have been a disappointing (although enjoyable) day out.