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hook lengths

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  • hook lengths

    is it best to use hook lengths or fish straight through when fishing margins
    Last edited by gobsmacked; 24 September 2009, 05:23 PM.

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    I personally always use hooklengths.


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      Straight through will be stronger.


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        The less knots the stronger the rig. If you get a break on a straight through rig its a new rig possibly expense in losing a float. Hook lengths will break mostly on the hook length and if your hook lengths are the same size then you simply pop on a new one. I mainly use straight through rigs for situations where big fish or a serious bagging session are on the cards and I will set up, up to 4 identical rigs just in case. I have just started using hook lengths for my main fishing after discovering the versatility they bring.


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          i personally look at the peg first if there is snags (hook length) if not stright through.just remember make sure you ballance the pole to the elastic and the elastic to the line.
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            Straight through definitely
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              I would like to set up with hook length, but what is best method of attachment loop to loop, knot or loop/knot onto a swivel?


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                I use hooklengths for all my fishing, its not just the issue about getting snagged or snapped.

                If you want to scale down your line or change a hook because its blunt or you think you need a different size hook then you can just swap your hooklength.

                Where as if your fishing straight through you'd have to tie a new hook on if you felt your current one wasnt doing the job, and then your shortening your rig
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                  Originally posted by sharky01 View Post
                  I would like to set up with hook length, but what is best method of attachment loop to loop, knot or loop/knot onto a swivel?
                  loop to loop m8
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                    Always use hook lengths and allways attached loop to loop. All my hooklengths are same size 7" for float and 3 1/2" for method .


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                      Use both ? Margin swims straight through for strength and direct contact with the fish.
                      Hook length for other swims. I agree with what Steve L says, if you need to change hook size or want to use a banded pellet you can change your style of fishing in seconds, Always loop to loop as its so easy to part the two lines.
                      there is no definitive way to decide which is best, it's all down to what you feel confident and comfortable with.

                      Good luck and tight lines.

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                        Hooklengths mate, they encourage better dicipline. If you get a blunt one or straightend then you can change it instantly.

                        With carp in the margin you don't need to go that heavy as you know the more you pull so do they. Can honestly say that i have never been broke using hooklengths in the edge as long as you're balanced. Fishing straight through I feel is too restricted.