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method feeder advice

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  • method feeder advice

    Hi everyone not been fishing long ,iv had a go on the waggler and a good go on the pole which i found far easier but i want to give the method feeder a go so i'm after a bit of advice like best set up ,best type of feeder,best feed and how long to leave bait in water before reeling back in any kind of advice will be appreciated .CHEERS

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    Have a look this on utube - YouTube - Carp Fishing Method Feeder with Andy Findlay then look at the related videos on the right for more info.

    The inspiration behind the Maver C-Loc method feeder.


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      this is my set up i have 8lb maxima to 9lb or 10lb genesis to a size PR36 16 or 18 hook with a hair rig, i use preston inline method feeders but use elasticated wer u can and if ur fishin on a slope up against and island use a 30gram but if it in open water use a 15gram because u want the feeder to stay up against the island so a 30gram will hold better then a 15gram. i use either method mix from sonubaits the one that Des Shipp advertises or if Groundbait isnt allowed i use 2mm Fin Perfect pellets, and u want to clip the feeder up first without hooklength if ur tryin to cast to an island because u may get snagged. i chuck it out and giv it 45 seconds for about say half an hour an then leave it for 3 mins or until u have a fish but the most important thing is to cast on the same spot all the tym to build the bait up.

      if u need anymor help jus ask on a PM.

      hope it helps.


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        whats your address i will send you a dvd pm it to me i will get it in the post


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          i used the preston method today first time and found it excellent
          good nit of kit
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            thanks for the advice going to give it a go this saturday