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elastication, help needed

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  • elastication, help needed

    i am elasticating 6 top sections of a drennan polemaster power carp with a 6,8,10,12,14,16 elastics, would i elasticate the full top 2 with the 6 or just the top 1 and how about the 8

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    elasticating your top kits

    first of all you need to match the top kit and elastic to the style of fishing that your going to do as size 6 and 8 elastic are more suited to much smaller fish like skimmers and roach while the 10 12 14 and 16 will be far more better for those bigger fish like carp if i were you elasticate your top three with 6 8 and 10 and the 12 14 and 16 put through your top 2 section as if you use a top 3 you will have to cut the tip section back alot to make sure that bush fits over the top section regards john rhodes ps drop us a line on 07738686795 if you need further help


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      top kits

      all the top kits are 2 piece power kits no match tops, they come prebushed and i was wondering if there would be too much elastic if i elasticated the top 2 with the 6 or 8


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        mate i prob wouldn't choose that way going up the numbers like that first of all what sort of fishin you doin i.e just f1's big carp places any silver fishin pm me if you need to mate
        [SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][SIZE=1][SIZE=7]malman floats[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE][B][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR="#0000CD"][/COLOR]


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          all rounder

          i fish occasionally on commercials wher i catch carp up to 10Lb, i fish pools which i catch a lot of silverfish with tench and the occasional carp and bream up to 7Lb then i might be on the canal catching tench and silvers thats why i wanted a mixture of elastics but what i need to know is whether it would be better just to elasticate the no1 with the smaller elastics in case if i am fishing for silvers and hook a bigger fish there would be too much elastic if i have elasticated the top2 as i am a little inexperienced on this part


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            which elastic

            dont elasticate your no1 just run the smaller ones through the top two and set them a bit tighter just incase you do hook a bigger fish or to play rearly safe go for a bigger elastic to start and set it a bit looser so that you dont bump off them smaller fish regards john rhodes


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              no mate just keep them through the top two's only the top one if your after small silvers, id have a couple set up with preston 15 hollo so that on the waters your fishin for big carp you can have 2 lines set up i.e one corn meat line another paste line, id have another one a double number 10 for the inside at the big fish waters, set another 2 of your kits up with double no.8's which is soft on the strike but powers up nice and a double no.6 which again will be soft enough but will have the strenght to get anythin out, the double no 8's and 6's will catter for all your big bream tench and carp fishin mate
              [SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][SIZE=1][SIZE=7]malman floats[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE][B][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR="#0000CD"][/COLOR]


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                double no6

                if i double the no6 up will it still work on catching silvers from 2 ounce upwards or will it be too heavy


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                  it will be to heavy for that size fish even though its soft still if uve got a match kit with your pole put a light one in that for your tiny fish outings
                  [SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][SIZE=1][SIZE=7]malman floats[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE][B][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR="#0000CD"][/COLOR]


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                    Doubled 6 is slightly too harsh for silvers. I was catching silvers yesterday on it but bounced quite a few too.

                    A doubled 5 is ideal for silvers plus can land a bonus carp.


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                      keep it simple

                      there is no need at all to double up your elastic and i dont understand why people do it why complicate things for yourself if your new to this style of fishing and are not sure of elastic sizes for certain types of fish just keep things simple and im sure that you will understand things more regards john rhodes


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                        it doesnt complicate things its the same as puttin a single one in, when you take the elastic of the winder it comes on its in a big loop just pull it through your top kit through the bung up out through the bush put a dacron connector loop the loop method then its done how hard is that and, after usin single elastics for 15 years and now usin doubled up i wouldn't go back like nd said i use double no.5 for all my silver fishin in the winter its perfect try it you will like it
                        [SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][SIZE=1][SIZE=7]malman floats[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE][B][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR="#0000CD"][/COLOR]


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                          double elastic

                          i used the double 6 and it was too heavy for the small silvers but it was tight when i elasticated it, being a 5 metre elastic i thought it might be too tight and was going to see if i could find a 6 metre. unfortunately my local tackle dealer doesnt stock a 5 he does a 4 or a 3. would a 6 metre work or should i go for a 5.
                          thanx for all the help lads


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                            single elastic simple

                            just use a single elastic in your top kits even a 3mtr length will be enough to do one top kit at a time why bother doubling up your elastic when all it does is double the cost as i said keep it simple and do what you feel comfortable with regards john rhodes