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Autumn Fishing - Change of Tactics?

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  • Autumn Fishing - Change of Tactics?

    Hi Everyone.

    Well after a not so productive trip on Saturday, looking to maybe going back again tomorrow.
    The weekend was lucky in respect that it was fairly warm and no winds, but tomorrow is looking to max out at about 16-17oC a little windier (8-10mph).

    Over the summer, I have been fishing size 12 hook with 5-8mm pieces of luncheon meat. Its been quite mixed, but generally i've been catching about 20-30lb of fish over 10-12 hours (fish ranging from 0.5-approx. 8-10lb - Mainly carp, but a mixture also of tench, bream, skimmers and ide).

    I'm a rod and waggler man (I don't have a pole, and not keen on feeder fishing (its a fairly small lake, and I didnt really have a good enough set up to do this)).
    Because of this, I'm happy fishing margins and about up to 6-7m out.
    There are two lakes. Both lakes have a good head of carp, but lake 1 has a good head of ide (although I haven't caught one for about the last 3-4 trips), and lake 2 has a good head of crucian (and some ghost carp).
    Fish are quite commonly 3-6lb, and sometimes up to 10lb (although up to 14lb is possible).

    So, if I do go tomorrow, is there any advice on changing tactic?
    As the weather cools, and from what I was told some 15 years a go, the fish start to lose their appetite.
    Do I go for a smaller hook? Smaller pieces of meat?
    Would I be better fishing further out, or should margins still be good?
    Should I maybe try some pellets of meat? What size hook?
    Or is corn better for this time of year?

    As i'm trying to use my bait up, and not looking to spend much, really i'm looking at corn and meat. I might go for a bit of groundbait, or pellets, but my tactics have worked in the past, but guessing they need changing?

    Any help is appreciated, as whilst I chilled out on Saturday, the lack of bites was more of a concern than the lack of fish.



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    Hi Chris, i would definately scale down your line, hook and bait size. Also depends what species of fish you are after. If im struggling for bites i keep making changes different hook size, bait, shotting pattern. Also try altering your depth to find bites. As the water temp drops fish do tend to move from the margins into the deeper warmer water. I know you said your a rod & reel man but I was never a fan of pole fishing and after buying a cheap one im really into it now, bait presentation and accuracy is so much better on the pole than waggler and definately catches me more fish!

    Tight lines.


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      Cheers Jamie.

      May invest in a whip for next season for me margins
      Annoyingly, when I was there on Saturday, There was a 5-6lb carp literally swimming about 4 inches from the bank right in front of me.
      I'm thinking I may have gone too big on the bait, and perhaps a size 14-16 might be better. But everytime I use a 14, a blimin' fish takes my bait and bends it out of shape. Might be the make of hook, but 14 just doesnt seem to want to hold it (and it was one of very few bites as well).

      I'm thinking meat pellets. Are these any good, and how thick would I want the slice of meat to pellet?


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        margin pole

        fishing down the edge or your margin swim is one of the most exciting methods of fishing there is as over the course of your day or in a match those bigger carp do move in very close to the bank looking for food so you must match your tackle to the fish you are after as you said over the coming weeks the water temp will start to fall and the fish will become less active so scaling down how you set up is a must may i just say also if your margin line is going to be your main attack look around for a margin pole as a whip is going to be of no use to you at all as you just wont have the power to hook and land those bigger fish when they do come all the best regards john rhodes


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          As it gets colder you will need to size down line hook length strength and hook size. As it gets colder i tend to start fishing Pinkies and caster i,ve caught carp in winter on pinkies and other fish mainly Roach and skimmer bream.I scale down from 6lb line to 4lb for reel line and 2lb hook length and from size 12 hooks to 18 to 20 and i do ok last year when we had all the freezing cold weather i was catching between 20 and 30lb of fish on these tactics hope this helps oh ye i still use corn in winter but tend not to use meat.


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            yuo will need to fish tight and light now the colour is dropping out of the water. fishing with a waggler gives you more ground to cover and you are less likely to spook any fish that are there. this is maggot time you don,t say whether you are using low diameter lines or not try a 0.16 main line to 0.14 hooklength and an kamasan 911 18 hook
            nige cooke


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              Cheers Guys.

              Cookie - If i'm honest, I honestly dont know what a 0.1x line is lol...thats how good I am. From what i'm aware, i'm on about a 5lb main line, and tie direct to the hook.
              I actually dont have any shot down my line. I used to put one or two, then one nearer the hook to help hook the fish, but since switching to just two shots round the float (2xno.4) I havent seen a drop in hooking percentage.
              Funny thing is, the lake is still very coloured with no more than about 4-6 inch visibility (I can actually see the bottom right next to the peg, so colour isnt a issue.

              Realyl considering a smaller hook with corn for tomorrow. What is best? 16/18?


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                put a smaller hooklength on and use a 16 for meat corn and an 18 for maggot
                nige cooke


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                  Every body has given very good advise on scaling down ect. I would like to add another thing you will need to know. As the water temperature drops the fish will eat less and less. Cut down on the amount of lose feed you put in but still feed often to keep the fish that do feed in your swim. If fishing meat feed more hemp and very little meat as this will keep the carp there for a long time. If bites are very hard to come by try maggots or casters. The fish are still feeding up here in Lancashire but not as aggressively as in the summer.


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                    Thanks Frisky.

                    The shop won't open till about 10 on the lake, so what are the thoughts on feeding chopped corn/meat mix, or just chopped corn instead or before the shop opens?
                    I'm sure they have hemp in a tin, so can buy some of that.
                    They also have pellets, so not sure if they might be worth a go?

                    Unfortunately been clearing out the house today, so haven't had time to get any maggots or casters.

                    Funny thing is, there was a silver match on Saturday (Jamie has a thread on this), and it seems the tactics for carp that day were actually the tactics for silvers. Annoying probably for those after the silver fish, and frustrating for me trying to catch carp lol


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                      buy some dark ground bait i.e black turbo and half a pint of mixed pinkies freeze the pinkies and then when you go fishing add them to your groundbait and fish a double or single red maggot over the top of it
                      nige cooke


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                        like cookie says get ya sen sum black turbo or atomic cloud and squats or pinkies this will create a huge cloud in the water and the silvers love it to be honnest you are better doing this with a pole cup but if you only have a feeder then mix a small amount of ground bait to the cloud!! fish with a 18inch hook length low diameter 0.11 line i find preston powerline the best ok matey good luck fishing

                        put your name down for the lindhome match on october 17th

                        [B][SIZE="7"][COLOR="blue"]'I.L FLOATS'[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]


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                          Be careful with the worm, if the carp dont want it you wont get another bite all day on that line. I fish worm and caster over the summer and have had great catches on it including the match record on my local. Pellets are working well here, feed micros down the track, a cad pot after every fish and a 4mm expander on the hook is doing my local at the moment but things can change very quickly especially with the colder weather coming at the weekend.