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Derby Railway Angling Club - Anyone a member?

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  • Derby Railway Angling Club - Anyone a member?

    Just wondering if anyone was a member of Derby Railway Angling Club?

    After fishing commercials on my first season back, i'm thinking, for a number of reasons, to perhaps go back to my roots of river fishing.
    Originally, I started on the River Nene between Northampton and Wellingborough. Really used to enjoy it. but, with moving away from the area, and stopping fishing for quite some years, I thought the best way back was to go to a commercial.
    I started off with maggotts, and had a good time catching tiddlers on a lake near where I live.
    Not a bad start to the season, with over 100 little roach, perch and skimmers (only a few).
    I was then told about another lake nearby, and tried that out on maggots.
    Was a good start with small fish. I then asked around, and was told to try corn. So I switched towards the end of the day, and out came some carp.
    I then became a little addicted, and wanted to catch more and bigger carp.
    I then switched to meat, as advised, and started having some success. Probably the biggest this season being about 10lb.
    I had some good days, and one or two good evenings, but for me (and the lake(s) I believe are still fishing well) is that i'm now struggling.
    I also have a keepnet, which was bought for me, which I can't use.

    I'm starting to wonder if i've perhaps caught the carp bug, and i've been over-killing myself by trying to master the art of carp fishing.

    The problem is, I don't really want to change tactics of what i've been using.
    I've mentioned a number of times, I fish a waggler and rod, and don't really like fishing to far out.
    I've always been like this, and really its no-one elses fault or problem but my own.
    But you see, with a little one, I would rather spend our money on her and not on a fishery.
    With baits excluded, i've probably racked up £150 or day tickets (and cups of tea and sarnies), but with packing in the bait, thats more probably £250-£300 in four months.

    I want to learn, but i'm not in a position to spend a few monkeys here and there for new equipment and so on.
    But don't get me wrong. What i've got is fantastic (thank you wifey), but perhaps not for furthering the art of carp fishing.

    So anyway, i've waffled and gone off on a tangent.

    So i'm quite keen to hear about anybody that is a member, or has indeed tried the river trent around Swarkestone?
    I'm being pickey here, but they also own some other rivers. What i'm looking for is a slow (or pretty much still) moving river.

    So any advice would be appreciated.
    I really am thinking for me, with what i've got, I should go back to rivers.

    Thanks again.


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    Just wanted to bump this up to see if anyone was a member, as still looking to join.




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      i used to be a member about 12 years ago but used to fish the river and canal at weston-on-trent. I think the slowest stretch i fished was a section i knew as wiggs corner (not sure why) where its quite deep. There used to be some nice carp there as well as the chub and bream. Never really fished any of the pools on the ticket.


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        Thanks Emptynet.
        Quite interested still, but waiting on a reply.
        I did look at their match dates, and saw some on the canal in April/May09. Do canals not have a closed season?
        Looks like you fished where I would go. Only ever fished canals once, so would look forward to giving it a go.