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  • bream

    tuesday feeder fishing for bream there are supposed to be at least 2 doubles in the pool. got any tips on this
    using van den eynde bream groundbait maybe mix it with sonubaits F1 on the hook i will use worm, red maggot and 6 and 8 mil hooker pellets

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    I wouldn't think the type of feed you're using would make a nig difference to your chances. You will need to find where the fish are likely to feed, or come past your feed.
    Try asking others where the fish have come from in the past and make sure you take note of any swims where you see them showing. Otherwise, take some time to explore all around the lake with a marker rod and a reel with braid on. Look for changes in depth and the composition of the bottom and see if they tie in with where fish have come from or are seen.
    Once you have that info, plenty of bait going in will see them trip up at some stage. Pellets may be the best option, but worms and maggots will also do the trick.
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      iv caught some good lumps on meat so take some with ya


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        i use 10mm white boilies when targeting the bigger bream


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          absolutely awful day got soaked on the way there, used 2 feeder rods and only caught 3 fish the biggest 1 3/4 Lb in 9 1/2 hours, used maggots, meat and worm. think i'll stick to the pole