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  • Enough?

    Been after a specific rod for ages(rare as rocking horse poo)found one on flea bay,bidding finished 9pm Thrs,rod arrived AM Sat,brilliant,of course the inevitable comment from the other half,not ANOTHER rod,when will you have enough,it started me thinking,so after a quick roll call, oh dear 21 at least,(found one the other day i dont remeber buying) and all have thier own reel attatched,i hate to say it but she could be how many have you got and is it enough?.Regards Peter.
    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.

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    blimey Pete, 21. my missus went mental when she asked "how many rods have you got" . my reply " 4 my love". why do you need 4 she said. you can see how this argument went on.
    if you have any cheapish carp rods you dont use, im always in the market for a couple. cheers mate..
    :confused: WOW, things have changed.:confused:


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      in total sea coarse and game iv,e got 14 still not as many as you though pete .Thats a lot of rods mate


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        5xtele carp/pike
        3xfeeder rods
        3xcat rods
        4xtrout rods
        1x 12ft match
        1x8ft carp stalker
        6x 12ft carp rods
        1x12ft tele sea rod
        Oops thats 24 plus theres 2 or 3 older rods i dont use anymore,plus the whips for bait snatching,she could be right but i still need either a black panther tele pike or the andy little tele carp,i will stop then honest i will.
        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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          if your not hurting anybody, whats the problem?

          that is unless your keeping them all in the lounge, kitchen or bedroom

          in which case, good luck mate!
          north nott's member and serial buyer of stuff i dont need :D


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            this is just some of the stuff that wont go in the cupboard.
            Last edited by hurricane; 6 November 2009, 05:31 AM.
            Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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              Can't be far off that myself, but they are spread out through the house.

              Thing is, I might break a rod, so clearly I need a spare. And if I get really clumsy I might need a spare spare. Also, though I don't normally float fish, I do occasionally try it, so I clearly need a spare float rod or 3......

              Even got a couple of poles in the porch. That's the fishing gear variety, not someone called Stanislav......

              It's not the rods that take up the space.

              It's the seat boxes......

              Need a bigger house.


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                If my Mrs asks how many I have I just say back "How many pairs of shoes do you have" and she shuts up


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                  i best not tell my missus
                  in the past week i have bought 3 poles 1 rod and 2 reels just to add to my collection plus my bait and hooks and feeders


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                    Originally posted by hurricane View Post
                    ,of course the inevitable comment from the other half,not ANOTHER rod,when will you have enough.

                    They just don't understand do they.....