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advertised pole prices

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  • advertised pole prices

    found myself watching watchdog at 3 am this morning and they were talking about supermarkets selling items such as wine at a dicount price that has never been advertised or sold at the stated full price , they went on to say that this was not legal and the companies in question wre just inflating the pre discounted price to make you think you have had a bargain,
    surley this should apply for fishing tackle as well as we all know that the rrp on a tourney pro is £4000 and the promo price is £2300 or something , this is the promo price that has been running for the life of the pole so has this pole ever been advertised or sold at £4000 or is this just there to make us think we have a bargain when really we have only paid what the item is actually worth ,( a good sales and marketing ploy) or does this go deeper than that selling a pole at that price is one thing but it really hits the anglers when buying spares as you will more than likely pay the full rrp on sections which we now know to be inflated to make us feel good
    Oh and i have seen offers advertised at screwfix and argos that state the catologue issue and original price that it was advertised at so applys to other areas aswell
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    i think there is a difference between sales prices and the previous sell price and an item having a rrp price and being sold at less.

    if the manufacturer sets an rrp then it can be sold at whatever people want , which most tackle firms do, it's only if the item is advertised as being a sale item then it has to have been sold at the original price for a length of time,
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      No it clearly states in the diawa catologue a special promotion price and i think tackle shops are guvened on the price they can sell
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        The whole retail market is based around psycology.
        That's why supermarkets have a set lay out for their stores.
        Ikea is a prime example, follow the arrows. Humans have a sheep mentality and they prey upon it.
        Inflating rrp's is well known in all aspects of retail and is no diferent in the tackle trade.
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