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River Severn

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  • River Severn

    what has happened to the catches on the river severn this year the barbel dont seem to want the pellet like they used too and where have all the small fish gone?
    at bridgnorth 2 years ago lots of 100lb bags were taken. this year not one that i know
    i could also catch bags of small fish but they seem to have gone as well
    any ideas anyone on what is happening?

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    Its been a struggle. Hamton loade has been dead. Had a few perch out and the odd pike, but its been hard for the barble. The first day of the season i had 11 barbel out down from Bewdley, but havent had even half that combined since.
    Seen 2 come out yesterday near ombersley, but its defintly been really hard fishing. And ive had nothing on meat, caster, maggot, corn on the river at all this season.


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      the fish are still there but with the amount of pellet that is going in the fish are feeding on them but i think they are taking longer to digest them so they are not feeding as often. the same is happening at bewdley.


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        Maybe the way ahead is to try some diffrent baits. Im thinking lobs or black slugs, maybe they will take natural baits more.


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          A bunch of us were there for our annual week a month or so ago and it was very patchy. Strangely given whats said above we found Hampton Loade (downstream) easily the most consistent of the four stretches we fished- one of our number had 14 barbel and half a dozen good chub there on our last day day and the rest of us all caught pretty well there. Apley on the other hand was shocking on both days we fished it- 6 barbel between 5 of us in two days, and I had 5 of them in the space of 2 hours.

          Noticeable that we all caught much better on long tails, up to 5 ft, and as many fish on maggot/ caster as on pellet..Also up until the last day at Hampton Loade I'd had more barbel in the week (32) than the rest of our party put together, and I'm no barbel angler. Don't know whether it was coincidence or not but I was the only one feeding pellets with added betaine (the Got Baits 4 mil ones)

          Definitely think they were getting a bit wary of the standard pellet approach

          Also certainly seemed fewer small fish. One of our lot usually puts the barbel rod out on a baitrunner and fishes for roach on the stick if its quiet, but we barely saw a roach this year.