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Pellet Wag

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  • Pellet Wag

    I've been playing about with the pellet wag recently and think I've got the float and rig working ok but I'm having problems with the pellet flying out of the band on the cast. I'm using small bands with 8mm pellets banding them in the traditional way they seem to grip them ok but about 1 in 4 cast results in the pellet flying out in mid air.

    Any suggestions would be welcome

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    Some pellets are better than others, for instance coppens dissolve quicker than the skrettins pellets (darker colour, skrettins are usually the ones you get sold as fishery feed pellets). Pellets normally stay put pretty well though, but stay on even better if you use a lassoo instead of a band. Gardener 3.2mm bands are fine with a 6mm or 8mm pellet.
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      Many thanks Hatman


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        the way i was 1st shown has always worked well for me - again 8mm pelletts(drilled)but rather than actually banding the pellet, push a baiting needle through the drilled pellett (not to big a needle or the pellett will split) hook the band and simply pull it back through the drilled pellett when the band re-expands it holds the pellett firm plus it looks more natural as the band is inside not around the pellett.
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          that method work for me
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            Agree with Tricky Tree, try pulling the band into the pellet. Some still come off, but most will stay on for several casts and sometimes more than one fish.
            As your fishery gets harder, and it will as more people fish the pellet wag, you will get more bites by having the band inside the pellet. Once they wise up, the carp will circle a feed area and try mouthing pellets, if they feel a band, they'll eject it.
            Gardener 3.2mm or Mosella F1 bands are the best.
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              Many thanks everyone