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Brilo gear

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  • Brilo gear

    Just took delivery of my new Brilo box. Couldn't fault the service & the box looks the biz & is lightweight, which is what I wanted.... made in Britain & all that

    Checking over the build quality though I was gobsmacked to see that other than the hinges there isn't a rivet in sight - all the casings are glued together by what looks like silicon/No Nails type of stuff, drawer runners, drawer retainers even the seat tray is siliconed onto the drawer unit.
    Don't know how the 'glue' will fair in the extremes of winter cold or summer heat but I'm planning on drilling & riveting myself just for peace of mind
    Anyone else had good/bad experience from a newish Brilo ? (or have they always been glued ?)

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    They are not riveted for a reason ??? THEY DONT NEED TO BE

    I'm on my 4th brilo now only reason for that is i like to uprade , round to square legs, etc etc.

    you will find the brilo to be a very solid and reliable box, ive never had any problems with mine, and if you ever have a problem send it back to em they are a very good proffesional outfit at brilo and i would recommend them to anyone


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      Glad I asked now - thanks for that.


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        If you can glue aircraft, cars and motorcycles together, I don't think a tackle box is any problem at all do you?

        Every rivet, is a potential leak ( read 99% likely to leak ) don't drill it
        Can't catch enough.....


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          Bruce from Brilo has been in the game a long time and Brilo rely on repeat business and recommendations, Brilo dont sell as many boxes as the mass produced versions but every box is made in England for use by British Anglers, the only thing i would recommend is make sure you dry the draws if they get wet and oil the screw threads occasionally, just common sense really, if you look after it you may never need to buy another box.

          Phils Tackle & I.L floats


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            Used it today & love it, & got the same positive comments from other Brilo owners.
            Already ordered some black 3mm rivets off ebay but looks like they'll be staying in the packet now.... I worry too much


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              Ive had my brillo box about three years now ,with no problems at all ,i just oil the screws now again after a wash and clean out and dry draws if they get wet,which they do not very often un less its raining when you go in to draws ,
              all in i wouldnt buy any other box


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                Another thumbs up for Brilo from me.......mines still going strong after 17 years.........sure it will outsee me
                Even when I draw a half decent peg fate conspires against me...............:(


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                  I've got some of their pads.

                  Bring me saucepans up a treat....


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                    i have a brilo box it is great for me can anyone give me the address of brilo in case i want owt

                    thanks lads---------------billy
                    work is for people who cant fish---i want a job


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                      Go on their web site (just put 'brilo seatbox' in Google) & you'll get the address, phn no & email add. Plus it shows all their products, good photos as well