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What is your most foolish angling exploit?

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  • What is your most foolish angling exploit?

    Mine occurred at sea.

    I was teaching a group of teenagers the intricacies of boat angling about 3 miles offshore. I was standing on one side of the boat, with the others lined up on the other.

    The young lady of the crew remarked how nice an evening it was and how clear sound carried from the land......... she could hear a cow lowing!

    When I pointed out that it was not a cow, but a Bull Killer Whale, about 50 yards off our starboard, they immediately turned and joined me on my side of the boat (port)!......... as if!

    The old Bull was happily wallowing, watching us, so I decided to get out my 7ft solid glass spinner and tackle up a 1/4oz Toby!......... and Yep!........ You guessed!........... I cast it toward the Killer Whale!......... the youngsters were well impressed!!!

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    I thought you were going to say that the boat keeled over!


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      There was this "secret" pool somewhere in the quarry which backed onto my home in Wales. This 13 year old decided to seek this fabled pool somewhere in the rugged quarry. Had to be careful that the dreaded farmer who owned much of the land didn't spot him.I've found it!! About 1/4 acre!! Sun in my eyes set, up my tackle A little bit close to that farmyard, but nothing ventured nothing gained!!Cast out!! A little shallower perhaps!! Then the sun went behind a cloud. That's when I could see the bottom of the crystal clear 6" of water.Never did find that secret pool!!
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        night fishing in front of the tower ballroom

        when i was 13 years old me and my mates used to go night fishing quite often... one week my mates werent going so in my infinate wisdom i decided to lie to my mother and say my mates were fishing with me and fish edgbaston reserviour outside the tower ballroom in the hope that the bream would come into the edge and i'd bag up... i arrived there at 5 oclock and set up for the night ahead by 8 it was dark and sure enough i started to land slab after slab until about 1 oclock in the morning when the tower closed and suddenly too my right there was 20 young lady's stripped naked skinny dipping in the water , then 10 minutes later a number of young lads came onto the shingle beach and started fighting each other , then the police turned up and the thing was like a riot, hence to say it was now 2 oclock in the morning my swim was dead as a dodo and i had no buses home for 4 hours and i was stuck in a not very nice part of b'ham on my own freezing for the rest of the night... i did have a lovely catch of bream up until then but never night fished edgy res again
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          Lee - thought your story was going to get a bit spicy!

          My most foolish angling exploit was when I was about 13-14 we were night fishing on the Thames at Runnymede on a junior match and it was the depths of winter with snow on the ground (In hindsight it must have been child cruelty sending us out in that) but it was more about lighting fires and drinking a few bottles of cider than fishing!. There is a small inlet to the Thames there and it was frozen solid. Anyway, morning came and we were cold and bored, so having raided the bin for a load of lemonade and coke bottles and set up a bowling alley on the frozen inlet - it was about 8 yards wide and 200 yards long, for a while it was ace... there were a few disconcerting groaning noises from the ice, but we played happily for quite a while, then my mate lee came along, who was a bit of a fat lad, and he wanted a go - so out he went and all seemed ok - then for some stupid reason (well for a laugh) I said to him if you jump up and down its like a trampoline (never expecting him to do it)...

          Lee began jumping and on the second bounce dissapeared straight through the ice like he was in the stella artois advert! Myself and a couple of other lads formed a chain with me on the end and managed to drag him out - we were all taken to hospital suffering from hypothermia!
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            my worst experience happened as a junior fishing on the tidal trent. the match was under way and after about an hour there seemed to be a commotion up the bank. swimming along , i was told was a lamprey never seen one since anyway kids being kids started to pelt it with stones then rocks as it arrived in my peg my mate chris cooper picked up the biggest rock and attempted to throw it at this thing. the rock was too heavy and slippery and he missed his target but caught me fully on the head knocking me out and into the water or so i was told this bit was a bit hazy! on coming round a senior decided to perform first aid on me as i had hole in my head leaking lots of blood. he proceeded to chop off loads of my hair (seventies hair) and shoved some toilet paper in the hole ! when i met my dad off the coach he met a bedraggled ten year old covered with blood and semi bald. he never let me go again for ages and the hole is still there! happy days.
            the carrot bites back:D
            ooh you are awful!!


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              I started fishing late in life after retiring from playing rugby.(forced retirement my wife was fed up with the injured drunk every saturday night)So my worst fishing experience was while i was still in the RAF i was posted to the falkland islands for 4 months and while down there i went sea fishing for mainly mullet and sea trout, this was mainly spinning and covering a lot of ground doing it.

              On one trip i was fishing around a cove and was consentrating so much i hadn,t seen the signs further up the beach saying that the erea was a mine field (good old argies). So having walked about 50 yards along the beach when my mates started shouting i glansed behind me and saw the fence and signs. To say i needed a chnge of underpants was an understatement. I carfully walked back in my foot steps and has i am writing this i obviously made it. I also had quite a few beers that night.
              Steve Davies