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Tackling a Commercial

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  • Tackling a Commercial

    Hello chaps,

    I am an angler reborn, having taken a whopping gap of almost 15 years since I last wet a hook. Somehow, I've managed to find myself twice in the last week sitting besides the water, freezing cold but gleefully bashing perch and gudgeon out of both a pool and a canal so far.

    This is all good and well reliving my youth, as my tackle is mostly geared towards this kind of fun, but I see that things are changed and that "Commercials" are offering some sport even in the colder months thanks to fish which are used to feeding all year round. I may have been misled, you know what bankside talk is like, but even so... I am intrigued.

    Could anyone offer me some guidance ? I am mainly confused by the array of different pellets out there, how to hook them ? can they cast? etc.

    Just a bit of information to help you help me -

    Potential venues: Hunnington and Alvechurch fisheries, next sunday most likely.

    Baits: would like to try pellets for the first time, pellet based groundbait perhaps, maybe particles like hemp + corn ? Always take at least half a pint of maggots too.

    I don't own a pole yet. I will get the mrs to get me one at christmas, but that's another thread.

    I will be using a waggler, I have a 12ft Daiwa match rod that has handled decent fish in the past, and have reels loaded with both 4lb and 6lb maxima.

    I have 2.5lb hooklengths at the moment but can expand that. I have size 20 and 16 barbless, the 16's in eyed and spade. I can buy more if necessary.

    any help much appreciated


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    Bigjon, you could do a lot worse than invest in a few DVDs to start with. Fully recommend Bob Nudd 'My Way With The Pole' part one if you're completely new to poles. And the Will Raison ones are also excellent & it's probably fair to say take you one step further, you also get to watch the man himself tieing some rigs & he never stops explaining what he's doing so very easy to follow


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      neil machin ones are brill aswell and the will raison fully explained how to use your tackle correctly hope this helps also the match fishing ones with darren cox and john arthur
      :DFishinG Is GooD,CatchinG Is BetteR:D


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        Hi Jon,ive got the latest freebie from Matt Hayes,part 1 on the Teme,part 2 fishing the margins on a commie with rod and line,if you PM me your adress i will post it to you.Regards Peter.
        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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          Thanks lads,

          I will have to grab hold of some of these DVD's. When I stopped fishing years ago fishing on screen was limited to John Wilson and the old Chris Yates series "Passion for Angling". Looks like there's been a boom in THAT market as well !

          I do plan to get a decent pole, but like I said that's a whole other kettle of fish. I am best waiting til Christmas and letting the mrs get me one because it's her 30th in feb and all my money is already spent

          Can anyone tell me anything about hooking these pellets ? using a waggler would I be safe banding them ? or using soft pellets actually on the hook ? I just checked my box I have some nice size 16 hooks from Maver which are eyed, and some 16's on the spade from Preston. Do I need to go larger with the pellet ?

          Hurricane - thanks mate, PM on way!


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            hi big jon 16s will be fine for pellet using expanders or using a ban on a hair rig but for bigger baits such as corn and meat a 14 is more suitable then past a size 12 hope this helps
            :DFishinG Is GooD,CatchinG Is BetteR:D


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              good luck


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                Originally posted by taz View Post
                good luck
                sounds ominous !!

                cheers for the advice lads.

                I'll soon find out whether I enjoy it I suppose. I will go hit Steve's tackle in cradley for some bait and then see what I'm made of.

                Just a week of crappy work to wade through before I can get excited !