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pellet question

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  • pellet question

    im new to pellet fishing as hook bait. is there a way to make hookers a bit tougher? at the northern match last week i never had confidence that they survived the cast. and im sure they didnt plenty of times!

    any help please fellas?
    north nott's member and serial buyer of stuff i dont need :D

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    Simply use Hard Banded or Jelly Pellets...If you want do your own, theres a great piece on using Gelatine, on this here very site... (It's all here, if you look for it)


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      Hard pellet in a hair-rigged band!


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        you can use jelatine in the water when u make you hooks works a treat
        few thread on here


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          try adding a little olive oil to add a crust to the pellet, i think you soak or pump them and when you fetch them out of the water put some olive oil with them and when it soaks in it slightly hardens the outside of the pellet, i havnt tried it yet as i have put the pellets away until the end of march. i have also been told that when you have used some of your bait flavouring liquids such as the van den eynde to top the bottle up with some olive oil


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            try the sonu baits s pellet range if castin on the wagg
            [SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][SIZE=1][SIZE=7]malman floats[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE][B][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR="#0000CD"][/COLOR]


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              Try a hard pellet on a bait band or you can hair rig a Sonubaits S Pellet.


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                I have no probs with my pellets i just prepare them the night before i.e. pump them then put in a plastic bag blow in the bag fill it with air then seal it and put it in the fridge over night then you have perfect pellets .I also use the lassoos hair rigs which are pretty good.