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casting the feeder

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  • casting the feeder

    i am having a problem when i am casting the feeder that when i reel back in the hook length is wrapped around the mainline or feeder itself,
    my hooklengths are 8 to 10 inches, it is nearly everytime with a maggot feeder and a lot of the time with a cage feeder

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    Try feathering the line on the cast, just before the feeder lands, so the hooklength straightens out.


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      i have tried that, just pulling the rod tip back slightly before it hits the water or stopping the line with my finger, it is also on a line clip so if it goes full distance there is a dead stop to the cast, but the hooklength must already be twisted around the mainline or feeder


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        How are you setting the feeder up ???? and if running how are you stopping the feeder going onto the hook length ???
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          use a small silicone sleeve on the hooklink so it will be hald away from the feeder should be fine and stop the tangles.[or heres a simple feeder rig no tangles.


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            thanks for the replies lads, my set up is a swivel on the line then a korum quick change bead for the hooklength. i tie a long loop about 12 inchesfor the feeder to slide up and down then i tie a small loop with the korum bead at the bottom about 3/4 inch long so i have a free running feeder that stops about 3/4 inch away from the hooklength bead