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what is the best carp chair to buy?

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  • what is the best carp chair to buy?

    what is the best carp chair to buy?

    any tips?

    thanks andy

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    Depends a lot on what you want from it,they come in all sorts now,the best bet is get to one of the shows or a well stocked shop,sit on a few, check how robust they are,how big when folded and importantly how much they weigh,I use a fox stalker whitch is fairly light,strong(im 16.5st)and very comfortable,and retails about£30.00,like most tackle its down to the individual,as i say your best bet is to see if you can try a few before you lay out any cash.Regards Peter.
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      will do mate thanks


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        i use the korum lightweight and the accesory chair and i swapped the legs for preston extendable legs and attatch all my accesories to the chair and find it comfortable for fishing the pole or rod, not the cheapest option but i am satisfied with it