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strange pm's

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  • strange pm's

    today i was sent a very strange pm.As i stroled over to my pc to logon to the forum whilst sipping on a bottle of water i was unaware of the pm that had been left for me by david_avfc.I did the log in and was suprised to see i had a pm i opened it with excitement wondering what great person would have sent me the message and was suprised.The message read

    why is water wet.....


    dunno why water is wet mate you tell me, also tell me this one while your answering questions.

    why is everybody called richard gay!! you tell me?

    What a strange mixed up person this must be,at first i found it offending but after letting him know he was a mug .I thought better off it,maybe this was the last attempt by this man to come out of the closet and i spoiled it for him. I feel kind of bad now as im sure he is a good man really.All he wanted to do was reachout for help and i blasted him away.The rejection i dont think will help him in his quest to come out of the closet.I have done this post so together we can all help this member over come his fear together we are albe to do anything.
    maybe we could have a look around the net and hook him up with the dream of his life bob,bill,gary,john ect .I for one would feel that i have done my good deed for the year what do you all think.
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    I think you have too much time on your hands,
    And before I get mis-understood thats a personal view and not a Admin view Lol


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      sorry but i saw this as the best way to stop the pms
      Paypal gift is for friends only