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advice on ledger fishing

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  • advice on ledger fishing

    hello i guys i recently tarted ledger fishing and wanted to ask what i might need.
    whats weights should i get
    what hook should i use
    what line should i use
    i saw that someone had there weight attached to a diffrent line and then to their line what is this
    anything else you want to add
    thanks guys
    14 years old, new fisherman, looking for good advice and good places and bait :) Northwich Victoria F.C 4 life :)

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    Check this site out.
    Ledgering - Going Fishing Video

    Lots of tips.


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      Just have your 1oz lead on your 8-10lb mainline. Then a swivel with a bead between the lead and swivel. Hooklength depends on the day and the target species.
      If after carp then 14-8size hook to 8-10lb nylon. (The Knot will break before the line)
      Never done me any harm
      Its called the free running ledger rig
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        Depends on what you fishing for/whats expected for the lake, simple rig would to put the weight on you mainline, with a bead, then swivel, and tie your hooklength onto the swivel, and if you get broke you should get your weight back as long as you using a lighter hooklength


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          Use korum quick change beads for youre hooklength so u can easily change hooklengths.So easy then to change from either using a banded pellet to soft pellets stright on the hook or u can change to a hair rig in seconds.