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river fishing

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  • river fishing

    anyone noticed that anglers are going back to river fishing?maybe it is the beginning to the end of puddle fishing?anyone got any views to this?
    i think its great to see the mighty trent and hope other rivers coming back into their own

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    There may be a small resurgence in river fishing, but anglers these days are used to catching 50, 60, 70 100 LB plus bags of fish, easy parking, short walks, comfortable pegs... why would anyone want to park their car on the side of a road, trudge across a couple of muddy fields and catch 10 to 20lb of fish...
    Personally I was bought up on rivers and canals, we used to fish the trent and the derwent and then switched to the canals for the competition and the turn outs.
    The local canal circuit was thriving and anywhere between 60/100 peggers were quite common.
    I well recall yomping along the towpath with a half mile walk stretching out in front of me, knowing full well i'd drawn a bad peg and was looking at a pound of fish at best.....
    I think people work all week, they get 1 day to fish a match so they want to make the most of it, which usually means the local puddle....